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Airmail Travel Wallet

Airmail Travel Wallet: A Safe Bet for your Travels

Travel documents are the easiest to lose for some people, especially frequent travelers. They are never too big which is why they are easy to steal too. But what if you had a trick where you could easily expose your wallet on travels and still save it from getting into the hands of a burglar? How about an envelope for a wallet? It’s cute and it’s stylish. So whether you love to travel, or know someone who does, this is probably the coolest accessory you can gift!

What makes the travel wallet special?
The wallet looks like an airmail envelope and is your kitsch travel buddy. Made of premium quality PVC, it takes care of all your documents while you travel. Looking like airmail, a burglar would never pay attention to what is inside that.
The product is made by Monkey Business, a label that is known for its fun concepts and innovative designs. The Airmail Travel Wallet is one of the brand’s bestsellers and is designed to disguise your important documents in a cool yet simple looking envelope.
What makes this Airmail Travel Wallet a great investment?
• Utility: The product is only 24 x 12 cm in its frame, but helps you keep important documents, passport, some change and even the credits cards, together in one place. So you don’t just get a cool something to flaunt, but also a good keeper of things.
• Strong and durable: It is made of high quality PVC so you needn’t worry about the durability as it can withstand a good amount of damage. If you take good care of this, it can be your friend and accompany you to many destinations in the future as well.
• Affordable: So you thought that something as cool as this couldn’t come at an affordable price? Well, then you are in for a surprise. This is a really reasonably priced which is not only long lasting, but is also a great product to gift someone who loves to travel.

• Splash Proof: Since it is made of PVC, it is also splash proof. So don’t worry if you walk out in the rain with your important travel documents in this envelope.

If you know anyone who is a frequent traveler or going for a long tour, make sure you gift him this and he will surely come back and thank you for it.

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