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Alison Hardcastle Word Map London

Word Map Art Print London – It Beats All The Maps You Know
How much time does it take for you to find out the best attractions and most highlighted areas of a place you are thinking of visiting? What if you could have all that information with you all the time as you explore your destination? This is easily possible with the word map art print London. This is a unique, well, very unique map and it presents the information about London in a way you would have never seen and imagined before. It is made with words and a lot of art and craftsmanship has gone behind its design.
The World on a Map
Every area and region on the map has been drawn with the help of words but these are not just random words. They mean something and they definitely mean no harm. They are not some secret code to some secret treasure in London too. These are the words that give you the information about the highlights of the areas in London. Look at every region on the map closely and focus so you understand the word. This word is telling you what place you must visit in this region and what this region is most famous for.
Something Special About the Text
The greatest thing about this word map art print London is that the words used for making this map are not the boring typed words with their entire monotonousness. There are words that are big, small, tilted, bold, thin and so many things you could think of. The diversity in the use of text and font is just like the twist and twirls of the landscapes of London. The text has been written in all the different angles as well so when you hold the map you will have to hold it horizontally, vertically, sideways, upside down and many other ways – this makes it even more interesting.
Interesting Gift
Of course, the gift is meant to be a gift and something that brings joy and happiness, and this map is made with those things in mind. The map is big enough, 80 x 60cm, so you can easily read all the text written at all the different angles. Just paste this word map art print London on your wall and if you love exploring London, choose a new place from the map every day and have fun. This is a great source of information as well and you could try to take part in “who wants to be a millionaire” with it too – that is if they’re only asking questions about London.
Without a doubt there is no such map as word map art print London. It is unique, it is different, it is informative and above all, it is the perfect map to be given as a gift to someone who loves to travel and explore places. Not to mention, it is just as useful for the residents of London as it is for those who are visiting it from outside because the amount of information on this map is not commonly available to everyone. So get this map, choose a place and get ready to travel.

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