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Backpacking with the Scratch Map Travel Edition

Scratch Map Travel – Travel Map of the World
The Luckies Scratch Map Travel edition is a mini version of the Scratch Map Original, made in the UK. The product is a map of the world that has two layers. The top layer is made of gold foil and the point of this is that as the owner of the map travels from one place to another, he can scratch the top layer off to reveal a vibrant geographical map of the region underneath. Thus, the second layer of the map, which is beneath the foil layer, is a colorful and detailed map of the world.
Since the map is of the travel edition, it is small enough to travel the world along with its owner.
Even though it is a mini version, it has all the required details of places mentioned on the map.
While others maintain a journal to remember the places they’ve visited, an easier and more enjoyable way is to scratch them off as you travel so that you are left with a vibrant representation of your experiences.
Turn over the map and it just shows various regions clearly allowing you to make your plans for the next trip. While you are on the go, don’t forget to list down the top 5 places you have been.
Travel Etiquette section to help you in your next trip.
The Ideal Gift:
This scratch map is the perfect gift to give to an aspiring traveler, or even to a well-seasoned traveler who can now scratch off all the places visited, and keep a note of all the places left.
The gift is ideal because it is something that will always be treasured by the receiver, as a memento of all the experiences he’s had around the world.
Gift it to your better half and scratch the places where you both have been together while remembering old memories.
Materials and Size:
The materials used to make the Luckies travel edition map of the world are laminate, colored foil, and paper.
The dimensions of this 42 x 29.7 cm make it a perfect travel companion and it doesn’t take up a lot of space too.
The popularity of this map has made a lot of people make fake versions of this map. Needless to say, they have not been able to match the quality standards maintained by Luckies. Hence, make sure you ask for Luckies while buying the Scratch Map Travel.

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