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World Map Scratch Map

Do you ever feel like escaping everyday life to a place where the wind carries the drum beat of gentleness from a time when freedom mean’t wondering around the land to discover new places and meet new people. Ancient lands that remember the nomadic life styles of our ancestors. Some indigenous people have survived around the World with their lifestyles and traditions in tact. We can learn and enjoy their no stress hospitality and the beautiful places they respect and look after.

There are 326 Indian reservations today in the US with most Native Americans welcoming tourists to their way of life. Or meet the nomadic warriors of Kenya and Tanzania and enjoy their colourful displays of song and dance. Wouldn’t it be nice to let go like that with no care. The World Scratch Map doesn’t care, and has no opinion so use it to fill your heart with old traditions from around the World and get some much needed care free song and dance.
The Karen people live on the border of Burma and Thailand living in harsh mountain conditions but still around 40,000 people related to the Tibetans have kept a rich culture alive, living in homes made of bamboo on stilts where animals are kept underneath. Food is cooked on an open fire and they grow their own crops, so a little different from our halogen cookers and supermarket produce.
Seeing the World through another persons eyes gives us a sense of who we truly are. If ever there was a great escape from modern life, then visiting the many tribal communities around the World will lead you to the most stunning places on the planet. Mark out your personal route on the World Scratch Map and record your own historical journey and remember the soft African drum beat to the rhythm of the earth on a soft warm desert breeze.

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World Travel Scratch Map

Nothing gets the create juices flowing like a spot of travel. The World Scratch Map will motivate you to plan and take part in the biggest creative journey of your life. Photographers, artists, song writers and inventors will get their greatest ideas when roaming free.

Sitting in silent contemplation does not always bring results, but we can rely on nature, to inspire all our senses and let go of everyday stress, that blocks thought patterns, letting go of that, and letting in the fresh air, the stunning scenery, and the smell of the earth melting from ice, the sun scorching the wild vast plains, and the abundance of floral aromas, smells we don’t notice when we are too busy.

Set your easel up in the South of France, paint the lavender fields or the vineyards. Kick off your shoes in the meadow and record your own personalised travel journey on the World Scratch Map, just as you do on the canvas, and frame your Map, just like your painting, revealing true life experience, to remember that good times are always waiting.

Take your camera to the Worlds largest trees in California’s Redwood coast and take your wide angled lens to capture the 2000 years old trees growing over 375 feet tall, and even drive straight through a redwood in your car !

Compassion is found in every walk of life, but sometimes peace is hard to find, but there are a few places on the World Map where you will be inspired to write so take your note book to Rio Celeste Falls Costa Rico and you have just found paradise playing with your heart strings, conjuring up beautiful words in your mind and you cannot help feeling peace and happiness and you want to share that by recording it. Keep a memory and scratch off your creative travels on your personal travel map, and be sure to keep finding them special peaceful places and never stop creating.

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World Scratch Map

Just how difficult is it to see and scratch off the whole World Map to accomplish that of great expeditions, with all their equipment and sponsorship ? 80 day’s rings a bell.
Can’t really manage that all in one go, work and commitments don’t allow, but let us not just give in on our personalised travel experience. The package holiday is o k for a rest but what about seeing the culture and covering that World Map

The 80 day cruises normally start off well but after 100 ports one starts to miss home. If you are going to cruise the World and get bored easy then it could be best done in 2 or 3 week sections. this way every time you travel, you can enjoy the planning, the excitement and the discovering all over again and again and you can try different modes of transport as an extra to do bucket list experience.

A fly drive experience is a great way to cover the World map, and see as much of it as you can as you hit the highways of coastal routes and then nipping inland to see some great city cultures and monuments.

The best book and then turned into a film that demonstrates the life changing affects of travel is ” Eat, Pray, Love. A journey of self discovery along side the culture, landscape, monuments and countries of Italy, India and Bali where the main character falls in love. The scene at Trevi Fountain, in Rome, the most beautiful and famous fountain in the World is amazing and many a romantic film has been set their over many decades. Let the movies put you in the mood, and let the World scratch map move you to the most romantic places in the world to eat the best cuisine, feel at great peace within yourself, and find love is all there is in the end.

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USA Scratch Map

The USA is a vast country and one you will keep wanting to go back to. Receiving the poster size scratch map of the USA was a delightful surprise and exciting rolling it out of the retro designed scroll tube with lid. The map was protected with tissue and is of durable thickness with shiny finish rolling out with no creases. The baby blue border with delicate grey spots, a stripe red header, a cream background and a full map of the USA styled art of the American flag stars and stripes reminded me of an American diner. The poster is typical of vintage signs and conjured up the colorful states and places we dream of visiting one day because we saw it in the movies.

Having already explored Florida’s coast and theme parks, I was thrilled to be given this map as for years I have been planning a road trip across America in my mind, and this has given me the motivation, to continue the dream. My daughter Charlotte was born with an illness and swimming with the dolphins at Sea World Orlando was a gift to her, and she was chosen as a VIP at Typhoon Lagoon, and this is typical of the friendly nature and intuition of the American people to notice her and make her feel special. I really want to do the Southern route starting from Florida with all it’s special memories for me, and from there will take me through Georgia and strange that Charlotte had her surgery in Birmingham England, and Birmingham USA is where Martin Luther King wrote his famous speech ” I have a Dream ” and I can totally resonate with this and why this scratch map is so perfect to inspire and continue that journey , the dream of freedom is happening in all of us, and no better place than the USA. A part from the civil rights history Georgia has 47 national parks like no others in the world and an area called the small canyon so not sure if I can make it to California at this point to at least scratch off the bottom of the map and taste some excellent wine in Napa Valley, but this map will at least prompt me . !
The Map looks great on the wall and those 50 states including Alaska, look so inviting, with interstate highways numbered the memories of those open highways remembered and roads to uncover, the map gives us the focus and discovery of great places seen and yet to see. The map is scaled out and unbelievable but the East to West can be achieved in 2 weeks with stops.
Would highly recommend this quality original map for anyone wanting to explore the beauty and cultural diversity and stunning landscapes of the American Dream. It certainly feeds the heart with great earthly experiences and the map is a real voice in the ” must do” ear.
Top tip for scratching off your personalized journey of the USA. Remember you are not digging for gold !  I used a 5 p coin and held it to the side and a gentle rub removes the layer, just like a scratch card. Comes away easy to reveal detailed areas of each state, city’s, beaches, boundaries and toll roads.
“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” . The American Dream .

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Scratch Map Travel Edition

A fully scaled map of the world mini version from the original poster size, but this roll up and scroll tube travels with you to plan and record your journey. Document your route on the outlined country’s on the reverse with sections to record your top 5 must see places and note down best experiences. Then scratch off where you have been and reveal a world of colorful information. The scroll tube is a strong card with lid and is gold with black outline map of the world images and the map itself is a glossy durable paper in white with gold foil layers. Scratch off gently and slowly with a coin to expose your personalized travels.

Take the travel map with you as you venture across continents fulfilling your bucket list, or hiking around great landscapes. Motorcycling along great highways and flying around the world to remote islands. All adventures start with a map and this mini version will be a great companion and diary to enjoy and remember you completed things you only ever dream’t of.
The scratch map travel edition is a full scale map of the world highlighting city’s, and islands surrounding county’s and has an extra enlargement of Europe to enjoy time again our favorite spots from the French Riviera, to surfers paradise in Portugal, great lakes in Italy and the 5 Spanish mountain ranges including the Sierra Nevada and the Pyrenees.
Take your map with you on the biggest journey of your life around this amazing world.

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Scratch Off Map of the World Travel edition

I am very pleased with my travel edition scratch map. I am coming up to retirement and feel this is my time to do the things I have always wanted. Having raised a family and worked all my life the long awaited trips are on the horizon. I have always had a fascination with Islands and have visited the Maldives, Madeira and the Cape Verde Islands and I must say I am very impressed that the travel map includes these. I can scratch these off as part of my personal travel experience and now I can work on travelling inland to countries that have always fascinated me.

I am impressed with the presentation of the map and an excitement to travel as many have done with a map in a tube that I can roll out and plan my journey and then scratch off the foil to record the wonderful colors under that represent the world I have covered.
It feels all the more an adventure and the plain reverse of the map is perfect to note down my must do and favorite places, as well as mark down my route as I go. The map is a great quality high gloss that will cope with the travel around and usable for on the road to log bit’s that perhaps I can if needed refer to if I want to write in more detail on my return. I like the gold foil to scratch off as I go to record as a way of a sense of achievement, revealing great capitals and coast lines. The map is in scale and I am impressed that even at my age I am learning more about the world and my world by having a map that is more than a map, it is my personal journey.

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Travel Journals for Globetrotters and Backpackers

When planning holidays, adventures and even day trips, a journal is a part of the personal journey and becomes your companion as you take your dreams and bucket list must do experiences to the World that is to be discovered for self fulfillment. We can all make notes, sometimes in our mind, sometimes on paper, but a journal is actual experience and here are a few journals that combine diary and logging  with planning and itineraries as well as being a keep sake and folder to hold documents.

Travelogue original journal
If you are planning a trip of a life time, and extraordinary adventure backpacking around Australia then the Travelogue is made for you. Produced in natural card with black writing it has your details, and then notes in between the travel pages for those interconnection flights and transfers keeping all your plans and itineraries in one place.
Hop on a short flight from Perth to Learmouth and then hire a car to go around the cape and Exmouth. Log all your descriptions of travel down and costs in the budget section of this well organised journal you won’t miss a thing. On the activities pages pop in your must do adventures, like ” drift snorkel over lush coral gardens teeming with shimmering fish” at a must do visit to Ningaloo Reef.
There’s lots to do along the coasts and inland to the national parks. Drive along the Indian Ocean along the North of Perth and enter another world, of the Pinnacles Desert and experience abseil, horse riding trekking the trails, eat rock lobster then take a trip to Monkey Mia and feel the truly magical moments when bottle nosed dolphins swim into shore to interact.
Then sit back and write all about your amazing adventures in the travelogue journal. With you all the way for a once in a lifetime backpacking extravaganza
The Travelogue Journal Maroon
Get the journal designed for globetrotters that will carry all your details and help you plan your flights and keep track of places to visit. The stylish Maroon journal comes in a wrap around folder in matching color with pockets to keep travel documents safe and all in one place. Haven’t got a lot of time to write lengthy details of your travels, but need to make notes, then this journal is for you with 8 mini scratch maps of the world you can just scratch off the foil layers as go to reveal where you’ve been, giving you an instant record. Then use the diary pages to log down your favorite places and culture, best adventure or meal.
The Travelogue Journal Royal Blue
A great easy to use journal for busy globetrotters and backpackers on a budget who need organised checklists and itineraries to fit everything in, carry documents and leave more time to have fun.
The smart blue journal has a wrap around folder for storing the 8 mini scratch maps to record your travels, and pages in the journal to write down contacts and numbers for them all important stop overs. planning multi trips is hard work and so the checklist is all laid out for you and log down any flights and travel details for the all in one must have journal. The diary pages are sectioned out already with date and place so you can just write as you go.
Your journey starts and continues with the Travelogue Journal that also never forgets.

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A history of maps

Maps have always been and still remain an important part of our lives as a source of learning and discovery as well as just getting from A to B. Literally written in stone, the first maps date back 5,000 years and were like amazing pieces of art. Using symbols and fine art drawings to depict oceans and hunting grounds natural materials were used like clay tablets and silk. Owning a map of such detail and quality that took months to complete was a status symbol if you owned one, a bit like a Ferrari car today. But thanks to the invention of the printing press, the growth of publishing houses and hunger to learn about the world, mean’t that the map became accessible to everyone.

A professor at Queen Mary University of London says that all maps are subjective and that different cultures believed maps to be true and objective only because it captured perfectly our own individual understandings of how we see the world. But then when we get out there and see it for ourselves it seems different and one has the urge to log down the way we experience and see people and places.

This is exactly why personalized travel is so important to us all and actually is critical for everyday life for work but more than that. It is for our own pleasure and our own journey to map out the places we visit and the things we learn along the way.

A World travel scratch map is the perfect map to inspire and record personal travel uncovering your own journey and producing a map that says, ” this is the world through my eyes ” and enjoy it’s decorative unique patterns as you scratch your personal travels, revealing a multi color map of information of great capital cities and unique landmarks uncovered only by you.

Wherever you go, becomes a part of you.

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World Scratch Map

Follow the stars and end a perfect day with a sunset and a glass of local wine. Let the World Scratch Map take you to the best locations in the World where the stars will always shine but the atmospheres of the places you visit will always bring a new feeling for your personal travel experience when you end the day in special locations with a glass of wine and a sunset.

It is true that wherever you are in the World, Orion rises in the East, and sets in the West. Orion’s belt is the only 3 bright stars that form a straight line in the whole of the night sky, and will always rise and set with one degree due East or West. The Big Dipper rotates anti clockwise around the North Star and sometimes appears upside down but it’s relationship with the North Star never changes and will always point the way for you.

They say that no two sunsets are ever the same as they are created by the Earth’s atmosphere and colour wavelengths as it drops past clouds, beaches, volcanoes and mountains. Famous sunsets must see and scratch off to record on your Map of the World could be the Lion King type silhouette of African safari in orange and black contrast, Intense outstretched reflections of pinks and blues bouncing off icy slopes and lakes around Iceland, the Pyramids in Egypt reflecting the yellow sand towers over the camels wondering in the shimmering heat, ancient temples create surreal images in Bali or India with the Taj Mahal.

With a map on your wall you can plan your great escape, it is your time to start planning some great adventures to explore the landscapes and coastlines and culture, ending a perfect day with a local glass of wine. From cities like Barcelona over the colourful rooftops, or Santorini Greece, rugged island with white houses strike against the bright ocean views for some of the best sunsets in the World.

You decide where you want to see your perfect sunset to end a perfect day in all the different atmospheres around the World. Interestingly the top 2 must see sunsets according to a survey and not surprising, is Grand Canyon Arizona and Stonehenge, England. Where will you go to see yours ?

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Map of the World with countries

Of the 196 countries in the World Taiwan is the only one not officially recognized as a country by the US. Even so, 196 well worth visiting places on the World Map to discover. How you discover it, is up to you with the personalized interactive world scratch off where you have been map.

Be Unique like Brunei in Borneo with it’s nine mountain peaks and forest reserves for hiking and adventures. Try the Ivory Coast for dense rain forest and white beaches, or the stunning Andorra in the breath taking Pyrenees for excellent cuisine, culture and hiking.

Map of the World with countries in immense detail

Map out your own must see countries and don’t just see it, feel it and do it with the most spectacular and surreal places on the planet with the help of your World map of countries you want to visit, plan your trip and then scratch off the gold foil to reveal a colorful array of your life’s travels.

Highly detailed world map that you can personalize

Walk on clouds across the largest salt lake in Bolivia, shine like a sea of stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives, be mystified by the Tianzi mountains in China where Avatar was filmed, paint a picture of the bright red and purple passage ways of the Antelope passage in Arizona, all very beautiful must see countries special places, off the grid, but on your map as you planned and will remember. It;s a colorful World.
If you’re looking for a Map of the World with Countries click here to view one of the world’s most popular travel maps.