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Maps of the World through the ages

Maps have motivated us to discover the World in all it’s glory from vast deserts and oceans, highest mountains and deepest caves to the secluded hidden bays and islands of romantic bliss.

From the earliest cave maps like the 14000 year old map found in a cave in Navarra Spain, depicting landscapes of mountains and rivers, and areas for good hunting engraved on the stones, to the latest navigational maps we just download the apps and we have modern maps of cities and man made roads. The human race has always had the hunger to travel and move around the planet to discover and enjoy new experiences and map out our own personalised journey.
The more decorative maps of the 17th and 18th century are a joy to behold, and more like a unique art piece to hang on the wall, as apposed to today’s straight lines and technical facts. These old maps also show that the knowledge and ability to use navigation goes back thousands of years. The 1737 Buache map illustrates this fact, and uses more ancient charts to display Antarctica well before the ice continent was in fact discovered. This map also correctly outlines the underwater plateau positioned where the Canary Islands are located The Buache Map depicts the waterway which divides the continent of Antarctica into two landmasses which means it was based on an early survey before glaciers melted.
We can be sure today that we will find our destination with the latest technology but we must also have fun in our plans to travel and in our own personal journey. An interactive map that brings joy to use and joy to look at, and feel a part of our great World adventures.

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Map of the World you can personalise

The Travel Scratch Map

Most people we know want to see as much of the World as they can but cannot afford a World cruise. Many movies and travel programs seduce us to tourist hot spots like New York, African safaris and remote romantic Islands. Whether you enjoy city culture or nature, challenging adventures to conquer and test your stamina, or want to experience the best sporting hot spots around the World you will tend to get a world map, a street map and a diary for planning and a journal for logging.

You can create your own personalised travel with the Scratch Map of the world map planning your dream route of all your favourite places around the globe, on and off the beaten track for a more adventurous and authentic culture visit.

A sheen finish portable map and decorative carry tube will serve as your guide wherever you travel in the World and is the perfect record of your journey revealing information and a whole World of colour is highlighted to show where you have been.

The original World Map was created for you to create your own journey around the globe and discover the unknown spaces and unique people not from books, but your very own personalised Map of your travels making your life as unique as all the places you visit.

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The Travel Scratch Map

Map reading is great fun, because you are starting on a journey of discovery and the excitement of anticipation for a place you have never been to before. O K it might not be a map of treasure island with a trunk of gold coins, it is better in fact, the life experience of travel.

Anyone can read a map, if it’s the right way up ! so let the Travel Scratch Map assist you to your destination and have fun along the way, this map gives you the freedom to slide off that open road and visit that secret unlisted cove for a sneaky pirate adventure. Produced smaller than the original World Scratch Maps to carry with you and use to plan, log, and reveal. A little bit like a 3 in 1. The reverse of this scratch map has a plain white finish with the countries outlined, free from written content so you can plan your journey, and make notes and log down places of interest. The map itself is a stunning contrast of white and gold foil or black and copper foil with detailed information to uncover depending on which map you choose from the series.

Take part in your travels, own it and enjoy it, with the use of these exquisite maps and scratch off where you have been revealing a world of colorful knowledge and experience that lasts a lifetime. Makes a beautiful gift presented in a strong card tube in complimentary finish in gold with white outlined map images or matte black with copper outlined country images if you go for the deluxe map. The beauty of the travel map is that if you are doing a road trip or back packing, the durable laminate easy to roll in and out map with scroll tube will fit in your rucksack for easy en route usage. Who needs friends, when you have a Travel Map!

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Travel Scratch Map the ultimate Globetrotter Gift

The Travel Scratch Map is the Ultimate Gift for the seasoned Globetrotter, because he doesn’t need battery or signal on his phone, or a gadget taking him the wrong way. He doesn’t need the paper maps that never fold back up or blow away or fade and dissolve. He needs to be in control, he is a serious adventure gatherer.

The Globetrotter has experience under his belt but needs a map that can plan, guide and remember, he hasn’t got the time and space for diary’s and maps and journals. Besides would be too heavy for those open road, city culture and outback adventures to carry all those heavy books. The Travel Scratch Map is designed as a companion in the smaller version of the World Scratch Map with a grid section on the reverse to map out your plans and notes of places to see and things to do. There is an outline of the countries to fill in your own personalised destinations and routes. Made from durable laminated paper for a roll up that doesn’t crease, turn the Travel Map over after each visit and scratch off the gold foil and a colourful map will start to emerge of all the exciting destinations and countries you have experienced is now logged on the Map of the World.

The Ultimate Globetrotter Gift that will blow his socks off, and be a whole weight off his rucksack. The Travel Map companion is all rolled up neat in it’s travel themed hard wearing protective tube ready to use in the morning. Keep travelling and may the Map be with you at all times.

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Travel Scratch Maps For Recording Your Travels On The Go

These purpose made travel maps are for those multi trip holidays, road trips and cruises. The trips of a lifetime and the see as much as you can holidays. One of the greatest road trips in the world will require a great map and record keeper because if we live on earth then guaranteed The Garden Route in South Africa is heaven on earth and you won’t want to just drive through it.

The Travel Map reverse is there to make sure you don’t miss a thing in your plans. An outlined plain map of the World for you to make notes on. One minute you are driving next to the Indian Ocean, the next you’re in the forest, then the lush valleys, and then the very green countryside, and up pops a quaint village with suspended clouds shrouding the dramatic limestone cliffs and down below the turquoise lagoon beckons you in for a heavenly float.

Oh and did I mention the sandy beaches, the wildlife reserves, and the vineyards along the wine tasting route ? Or the amazing seafood and the no stress vibe of the friendliest people ever. Phew, you will be glad you took your travel map with so much to see, especially for travel on the go, the easy roll out durable map is just the right size to fit in a rucksack and log down your adventures, check the route and make any alterations. Keep a record and scratch off where you’ve been to reveal the most colourful trip on the planet, your own personalised travel record and journey.

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Travel Scratch Map Deluxe

Introducing the ravishingly handsome deluxe travel scratch map with a premier finish in matte black and copper foil. Good maps are essential for active travel and this one is full of geographical facts. Small enough to roll in and out of the stylish scroll tube without creasing and pop in your rucksack, but big enough to plan your trip on the blank map and notes section, and scratch the foil off your travels to record your personal journey so no need to carry heavy diaries.

The user friendly interactive map is the perfect system for seamless and enjoyable travel, especially those road trips. like down under West Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, luxury bush plains and the sublime blue mountains.

You cannot beat the sense of freedom that road trips and self drive gives and the natural flow of discovery, at your own pace, meeting local people you perhaps wouldn’t come across and places you wouldn’t have stopped at. With the Travel Scratch Map Deluxe you can record your journey as you go scratching off the foil when you have seen to reveal your very own colourful map.

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The 5 Oceans Of The World featuring Maps of the Oceans

Man has discovered, conquered and mapped out just about all of the land mass on Earth and named it’s places and species, carried by it’s surrounding Oceans to far flung places Our fascination with Oceans has been with us from the dawn of time from cave maps to the hi tech navigators we use today. It not only provides us with food, excellent travel routes, leisure activities for thrill seekers, sporting challenges like riding the largest wave, water makes up approximately 70 % of the Earth surface, and is made up of 5 Oceans so plenty still discover beneath the waves, like underwater caves, and even cities, mountains and marine life, and not forgetting ship wrecks and treasure!

Atlantic Ocean

Is the 2nd largest Ocean and the Equator separates it from the South Atlantic Ocean running through Africa and South America. The Atlantic contains some beautiful islands that are popular with holiday makers, like the Canary Islands, The Azores and Cape Verde just off the African Coast. The largest Island is Greenland in fact it is the largest Island in the World. The largest Port in the Atlantic is in Panama a popular cruise area, with over 3 million containers a year.

The Atlantic covers 25 % of the Earth surface and is roughly 6.5 times the size of the USA. Plenty to discover on Oceans Maps including the incredible mountain range extending from Iceland to south Argentina. There are so many underwater sites, and many protected marine conservation areas with dive sites, and some a little closer to the British Isles like Lundy Island off the North Devon coast, complete with shipwrecks .

Pacific Ocean

The Pacific is the largest Ocean covering 30 % of the Earth surface and the only place warm enough for Atolls which are Coral Islands, with sea temperatures reaching 86 degrees. The warmer the waters the closer you get to the equator dividing the Pacific into North and South running from Brazil, over Australia and through Indonesia. The word Pacific, means peaceful and with over 25,000 Islands with blue lagoons to explore, you can see why it is a dream holiday destination, for a no shoes Robinson Crusoe experience. A Map of the Ocean will come in handy if you want to explore this vast Ocean where most of the Worlds fish are caught and not forgetting your snorkel for the most colourful marine life on the planet.
The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is the largest in the world covering some 1,429 miles plus 1000 islands. Groups of Islands are known as Archipelagos like the beautiful romantic Fiji and Hawaiian Islands, Indonesia being the largest archipelagos.

Indian Ocean

Is located between Asia and Africa and the equator continues from Indonesia and through Kenya in Africa and occupy’s 20 % of the Earths surface making it the third largest Ocean. In the Indian Ocean you will also find the most beautiful Islands to visit like the Maldives, Mauritius and the Seychelles, once again providing great adventures beneath the waves like diving and above to fish or surf enjoying the warmth and crystal blue lagoons.
Important waterways can be seen on the Ocean Map like the Suez Canal in Egypt, a man made canal that connects the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea, and the Strait of Malacca between Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore is the busiest Port and 40 % of the Worlds off shore oil production comes from the Indian Ocean.

The Southern Ocean

If you look at the Antarctica on your Ocean Map you will see that the surrounding Ocean emerges from the waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, with giant icebergs some several hundred metres high, this Ocean takes some navigating, even though it is the second smallest and youngest Ocean at 30 million years old formed when South America and the Antarctica moved apart. The large moving slabs of ice, does not put off the 50,000 visitors a year who come for it’s natural habitat and expeditions.
The worlds largest invertebrate, the giant squid lives in these waters at 49 feet long, elephant seals bask on land or ice, the elegant emperor penguins waddle and the blue whale bursts out of the water with barely a ripple. A must see bucket list Ocean but be sure to hire an ice breaker ship, this is the coldest continent on the planet and with no indigenous people living here, you won’t find a burger at the research stations !

Arctic Ocean

Is the smallest and shallowest of the 5 Oceans roughly the same size as Russia in the Northern Hemisphere sounding the countries of Canada, United States, Norway, Russia, Iceland and Greenland. Known as the Arctic Circle you will find the North Pole surrounded by polar ice that never melts then moving out from that is the pack ice, which freezes over in winter and moving further out still we have the fast ice that forms on the land around the Arctic Ocean. There is an abundance of marine life with more fish species than any other Ocean providing a good source of food for the Polar Bears, the 4 species Whales, and 6 species of Seals.
This area is where you will find indigenous people and igloos and if you are really lucky the magic of the Northern Lights.

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Keep a diary of your travels with Travel Journal

Travel Journal: Documenting your Journey
The Luckies Travel Journey will soon become your favorite travel buddy. Traveling gives you a supply of information that you never wish to forget, and this is where the Travel Journal becomes an important requirement during your journey. This journal will ensure that your memories are documented permanently. With the Travel Journal, you can not only write about all your experiences, but also scratch each place you’ve visited off the mini maps provided as part of the product.
Some Important Features:
The Travel Journal is presented in a beautiful recycled cardboard presentation folder that has enough space to hold not only the components of the journal, and the maps, but also things such as tickets, boarding passes, stubs and other papers from the trip that you wish to preserve.
This product comes with a 64 page diary provided in order to record your experiences of the places you visit and people you meet, during your travels.
You also get 8 miniature versions of scratch maps, each map representing a different part of the world. You can scratch of these maps as you visit them and hence recording your journey on the go. What’s amazing is once you scratch off the top layer it reveals information about that particular place underneath.

As a Gift:
The journal is the ideal gift for any aspiring globe trotter who wishes to document his travels.
Taking your kids on a trip? Make sure you gift them this journal for them to record their journey. It is surely a fun way of teaching them about places.
Gift it to your husband before he goes for his next business trip so that he can share all that he did in that country once he is back and you can be a part of it.
At its price, this product proves to be amazingly cheap yet very useful and thoughtful gift.
Materials and Size:
The Scratch map is made up of Paper with a coloured foil layering on the top while the folder is made up of recycled cardboard that protects your documents while you are on the go.
The product has been designed so that it can easily be carried around, and so the dimensions of the travelogue are 17 x 22.5 x 1.5 cm.

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Record your travels in France

Scratch Map France – Visit France with your Trusted Companion
Luckies of London started in 2005 and came up with the first ever Scratch Map in 2009. Since then, Luckies has been innovating and keep coming up with different variants of this map. The newest Luckies Scratch Map is one of France. As the name suggests, it is a map with details of the geography and places in the rich cultural nation of France.
This creative product is designed in such a manner that it has two layers; the top layer is scratched to disclose the bright finer details of the bottom layer. The top layer of this map covers France in gold foil, and as the traveller visits a place in France, the foil is scratched off to give way to the details of the location underneath. The bottom layer is colorful, and full of geographical details about France.
Some Important Features
The product is made in UK and laminate, coloured foil, and paper have been used in its production.
The dimensions of the product are 81.9 x 58.2 cm, making it a great wall poster.
The bottom of the map has various infographics about France.
The Luckies Scratch Map France is a product that acts as a means to keep a record of the places visited.
The map is also a constant reminder of all the places the owner is yet to go to.
The product also acts as a keepsake, a treasured account of the many experiences you’ve had in France.
Planning a trip from Bordeaux to Paris? Just mark your route on the map and hit the road.
List down your top 5 places in France. You will love it, when you look at it a few years later.
It is a great travel souvenir and some thing you can use to go down the memory lane with your fellow traveler a few years after your memorable trip.
The Ideal Gift:
This Scratch Map is a great gift for anyone who dreams of traveling to France or is about to go to France.
Planning a honeymoon with your better half? What better place than Paris. Gift him or her this and plan your honeymoon together.
Visiting France to your friends or relatives? Gift them this map and they will surely like the thought behind it.
Before everything, don’t forget to gift this product to yourself and scratch your way to France!

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London, Paris, Rome and beyond with Scratch Map Euro Edition

Scratch Map Europe – Your Perfect Companion in Europe
The Luckies Scratch Map Europe, as the name suggests, is a scratch map of the continent of Europe. This creative product is designed in such a manner that it has two layers; the top layer is scratched to disclose the bright finer details of the bottom layer. The top layer of this map covers Europe in gold foil, and as the traveller visits a place in Europe, the foil is scratched off to give way to the details of the location underneath. The bottom layer is colourful, and full of geographical details about Europe.
As a Gift:
The Scratch Map Europe is a great gift for anyone who dreams of traveling to Europe or is embarking on a trip in the European continent.
It is also a perfect hint to give to your partner or spouse, signifying where you want to go for your next vacation.
This product can also serve well as a gift to your parents, indicating that it is time to retire from work and take a leisurely trip around Europe.
You can also gift it to yourself to keep as a memento of your experience in Europe, after your travels.
A Learning Tool:
This product not only serves as a memento, but also provides you with a fun way to gain knowledge on the continent.
You can gift it to kids and it will surely be a fun way of learning about Europe.
A Record and a Reminder:
The Luckies map will help you maintain a record of all the places you’ve been to in Europe, and will also act as a reminder of the places you’re yet to visit.
The product, prepared in UK, is made of laminate, card, coloured foil, and paper.
The scratch map Europe has dimensions of cs 80 x 60cm, making it the right fit. It’s neither too small nor too big.
Luckies of London was started in 2005 by Jim Cox with an endeavour to provide people with affordable and unique gifting options. In 2009, Luckies came up with the Scratch Maps. Over the years since then, its raging popularity motivated Luckies to come up with newer versions of this map and Scratch Map Europe is one of the variants.