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A brief look at the Scratch Map UK Edition

Luckies of London was set up in the year 2005 with the motive of selling fantastic stuff from across the globe in the United Kingdom. From their target of developing products under Luckies brand, they created Scratch Map in 2009. This firm is highly committed to making cool, innovative and quality gift products for the people and Scratch Map is indeed their best creation till date.
UK Scratch Map
UK/Ireland Scratch Map is the most popular one out of Luckies’s fifty unique and amazing gifts sold around the world. This particular product is a map of the UK and Ireland with a certain foil print, which can easily be scratched off as you travel across the cities. This map makes a unique as well as a personalized record of all your travels.
Dimensions and Materials
The Scratch Map of UK is the most detailed one amongst all of their maps. This map simply leaves you surprised that so many places in the UK and Ireland are still unexplored by you!
This UK Scratch Map is produced in the United Kingdom.
It has the dimension of 43 x 61 cm, which makes it easier to carry around should you chose to.
Made up from matt finish paper and has a colored foil layering on top that can be easily scratched off
Affordability and Usefulness
A UK Scratch Map is not only affordable, but very useful as well. It can be used by almost anyone and everyone in the UK. It is a gift worth spending for. You can gift it to your newly married cousin or friends to have a trip to Ireland in their honeymoon. This map will make their honeymoon trip much easier, luxurious and comfortable also. In fact, they will always praise you for presenting such a nice gift to them.
Mark your Step
Luckies of London has put enough effort in making Scratch Map UK more glorious. Hence, they have made an excellent addition as its feature. With the help of such feature a person can mark on the map the places where he/ she have been. Whenever the people have visited a place somewhere in the United Kingdom, they can just scratch off the map’s silver foil to unveil the finer details of the area they have been. It is really an amazing way to teach yourself some amount of geography and creates a heap of fun by keeping a track of all your trips.

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