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World Scratch Map

Follow the stars and end a perfect day with a sunset and a glass of local wine. Let the World Scratch Map take you to the best locations in the World where the stars will always shine but the atmospheres of the places you visit will always bring a new feeling for your personal travel experience when you end the day in special locations with a glass of wine and a sunset.

It is true that wherever you are in the World, Orion rises in the East, and sets in the West. Orion’s belt is the only 3 bright stars that form a straight line in the whole of the night sky, and will always rise and set with one degree due East or West. The Big Dipper rotates anti clockwise around the North Star and sometimes appears upside down but it’s relationship with the North Star never changes and will always point the way for you.

They say that no two sunsets are ever the same as they are created by the Earth’s atmosphere and colour wavelengths as it drops past clouds, beaches, volcanoes and mountains. Famous sunsets must see and scratch off to record on your Map of the World could be the Lion King type silhouette of African safari in orange and black contrast, Intense outstretched reflections of pinks and blues bouncing off icy slopes and lakes around Iceland, the Pyramids in Egypt reflecting the yellow sand towers over the camels wondering in the shimmering heat, ancient temples create surreal images in Bali or India with the Taj Mahal.

With a map on your wall you can plan your great escape, it is your time to start planning some great adventures to explore the landscapes and coastlines and culture, ending a perfect day with a local glass of wine. From cities like Barcelona over the colourful rooftops, or Santorini Greece, rugged island with white houses strike against the bright ocean views for some of the best sunsets in the World.

You decide where you want to see your perfect sunset to end a perfect day in all the different atmospheres around the World. Interestingly the top 2 must see sunsets according to a survey and not surprising, is Grand Canyon Arizona and Stonehenge, England. Where will you go to see yours ?

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Buying travel gifts on a budet

If you are planning on traveling in exotic locations and places, you would want to find the best travel gifts that you can bring home to your own loved ones. There are some travel gifts that would define a place. For instance, shirts and wardrobes may define places and this would serve as a great souvenir or gift for your loved ones and friends. Though before you buy these things, there will be times when you need to check the legal repercussions. For instance, the Netherlands may have a lenient stand on marijuana and other prohibited drugs in other countries. If you are going to have these items as part of travel gift to bring home, you will be facing legal repercussions and even end up in jail.
Of course, if you are going to buy travel gifts there will be comfortable ways on how to do this. These are some tips that you can use in order to have the best travel gifts for less without getting into trouble and without spending a lot of money.
Check the Online Reviews of the Place You Are Visiting
By checking the reviews of the place you are about to visit, you can now compute whether or not the budget that you have is actually enough or not. You can also find out the most suited places where to buy travel gifts. Whether in terms of convenience from the place you are staying or because of the price, reviews can help you a lot when buying the travel gifts.
Always Bargain for a Better Price
If you are buying from a flea market, travel gifts could be haggled for a much lower price. This is why you have to go to places that have adjustable prices. Instead of buying an item from a mall, these areas will give you a much better option especially if you are buying in bulk and you only have a small budget.
Go Online
If you are going to purchase travel gifts, would you want it delivered to your room while you actually enjoy the sights and sounds of the place? If you are interested in this option, Google is where you should look into. You can have the best travel gifts for less online because most sellers are also drop shippers getting items for a bargain.
If you have decided to purchase anything online, it is imperative that you check if there are coupons. Coupons can give you a great price for travel gifts. Nowadays, a lot of promo coupon codes are scattered online.
These three tips can give you a great experience traveling. Nowadays, you can actually give people back home the best gifts without also stretching your very own budget. If you are somehow on a budget and visiting for a limited time, this really are great tips you may want to consider. But then again, you should take note of some things to check if these gifts are even legal in your country or not.

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Travel gifts for frequent travelers

If you are getting travel gifts, you need to understand if it is even allowable to be brought home. It has been a great tradition for people to buy travel gifts for their loved ones and friends. There are different ideas that you may want to check if you are planning to get the best deals when you get back home.
Refrigerator Magnets
Refrigerator magnets can only cost you a minimal amount of money. This makes the magnets one of the most ideal travel gifts because you can buy in bulk for your friends and family and it won’t even hurt your budget. Apart from this, everyone has a fridge that they can find the magnets practical and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
Key chains
Key chains can be ideal travel gifts because it is lightweight and it is probably one of the cheapest out there. There are key chains that would have a print or a flag of the place which would even make it better for the ones receiving the gift.
Traditional Clothes
There are garments that make as great travel gifts because this would represent not only the place but also its culture. You have to keep in mind though that if you are on a budget, this may not be one of the best travel gifts. Wardrobes from different places may vary in terms of prices. There will be those that would cost as much as $200. If it isn’t for someone special, might as well go for other options.
Souvenir shirts
A souvenir shirt is really one of those best sellers when it comes to travel gifts. Though within your budget, this makes one of the best items out there. You can easily get an “I Love NY” shirt or any other types of souvenir shirts for less than $5. These types of shirts can also be seen anywhere. If you are in a tourist spot, you should expect however that the price of these travel gifts in these areas could be more expensive.
If you are going to purchase travel gifts, it is important to know where to purchase them and how much is your budget. Once you have an idea on how much is your investment for travel gifts, and basically where to purchase these items; it would now be easy for you to get the best souvenirs for your loved ones and family members.
The travel gifts should be bought within your budget and never charged on your credit card. This is the fact that you should remember. This is the reason why you need to set a budget and why these suggested items were given. You can cut the cost of your travel significantly with these simple gifts. Come to think of it, you have to be practical when you are traveling not unless you are a millionaire. You should also be aware of the legal consequences of bringing in some travel gifts back to your country. For instance, cannabis may be legal in some countries you travel to but this will only give you big problems if you bring them home.

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The benefits of buying travel gifts online

The Perks of Online Purchase with Travel Gifts
Finding travel gifts online can be a challenge. One, it is necessary that you look at the price of such items before you even purchase them. Secondly, there will be times when you need to cut your time for sleep just to purchase these gifts. Fortunately, there are now ways on how to stop the troubles when getting travel gifts home. The online means of shopping can already cut the time that you should be enjoying. These days, there are a lot of sites that would offer their services in order for you to be enjoying exotic locations for your vacation without worry.
Now what are the perks of online shopping? There are a lot of things that you can enjoy when you buy travel gifts via eBay or via sites that offer these types of items. Here are some of the things that you may want to check.
Cuts the Cost of Shopping
A lot of sellers online are basically drop shippers. What they do is that they purchase items in bulk from factories in order to lower their products’ retail price. Aside from this, being online and having fewer expenses than that of retail stores; it will definitely give you a better price.
It can give you better choices
If you are looking for creative travel gifts, you can definitely have the best looking purchases and even the most unique products by simply looking online. You need to understand that with Google, you can search everything that has a description online. When traveling, you can prefer to look online for travel gifts especially when you want something unique for your loved ones back home.
Saves a lot of money on traveling and time
Not only does it cut the cost of shopping, it also cuts the cost of traveling to the spot where the great deals are located. If you don’t really have plans of staying for too long and you want to enjoy the place more; this is really an ideal thing to do when purchasing travel gifts. You can save a lot of time since 15 minutes can already be enough to find the best travel gifts out there.
Get reviews and feedback before purchasing items
The good thing with online items is that you can read whether or not the product is good or bad. You can have an idea on how the item is doing after a few days or months. When getting souvenirs, you don’t want to buy fragile ones that will not even last a day. You want something that would last for years as a remembrance of the place.
You can get coupons
Coupons can save you as much as 50% on the original price of gift items. Travel gifts can be cheaper than the retail price when you have these things. Sometimes, when getting bulk travel gifts, you can even get free shipping for such orders.
Buying travel gifts can be practical for these reasons but of course, you will also need to apply precautions. Once you have reviewed whether or not the site offering travel gifts can be trusted, this is when you go for this choice.