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Charger & Cable Travel Pouch

Charger & Cable Pouch – Smart Pouch for your Charger

How many times have you lost cables and chargers on your travels just because you didn’t have the right place to keep them? If you are always on the move, and are an avid traveller, you must have had this trouble many times. Cables are easy to lose when you travel often. This is why the Charger and Cable Pouch is made especially for those who love organised travelling.


The Cable & Charger Pouch is designed by Alife. The brand is known for its impeccable designs and works on bright, fun travel related products. The Korean brand was then founded by the Luckies of London in 2012 to bring to the world their creative designs.
What makes a Cable & Charger Pouch a must have?
• Utility with a great travel buddy: No longer do you have to lose those cables while travelling. These are pouches that hardly take up any space in your bags and keep you organised.
• Easy to fit in: This 100 percent polyester pouch is designed in a way that it fits in easily. With dimensions of 30 x 27 cm of the charger pouch, and 16.5 x 21 cm of the cable pouch, this pouch takes little space, but saves you from the mess.
• Affordable: This is one of the most affordable pouches out there when it comes to drawstring pouches. It is reasonably priced. If you’re travelling on a budget already, this is a great pick.
• Keep them safely: Cables and charges must be kept in one place properly so that they don’t get damaged. The cables can get messed up if something spills on them or they fall into water. This is a great way to protect them even when you take them out of your bag.

It’s a great little gift to give your traveller friends. Cool design, great functionality and two different sizes, these can even be used for keeping other things too.

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