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Compact folding travel bag

Travel Size Folding Bags – Travel light Pocket size

A light and attractive addition from the house of Alfie, these folding bags are great as a travel accessory. When you travel light, you can shop more without worrying about lack of space or excess weight from those irresistible duty free items.

The Travel Style Folding Bag folds out of a small pocket and into a big holdall complete with zip and handles.

The small pocket size pouch which comes in 4 attractive colours, is light and easy to carry and fits in a very small space. It requires hardly any space in your bag or suitcase.
The holdall is made of 100% polyester and when folded it is flat and the dimensions are 19.5 x 19.5 cm.
However, when you need a bag for the extra items or for all those souvenirs you bought, all you need to do is fold the bag out of the pocket and just stuff everything in.
How the Travel Style Folding Bag is a great addition to your travel
• Compact and Smart: Looking like a compact and flat square, this comes in a choice of 4 fun colours; blue, green, pink and orange, which, when the bag is opened becomes a pocket by the side of the holdall. There is a cute logo of an aeroplane in the middle, which makes it look so smart and appealing. In folded state, it fits in a very narrow space and is very easy to carry.
• Light weight and adaptable: The bag is itself featherweight. However the polyester is strong and durable and with copious amounts of space it has is a treat. One can just place it around the suitcase handle and not worry about carrying it.
• Waterproof: The waterproof material protects the items inside from liquid damage and also prevents anything wet inside from getting out. For example, you can use it to carry wet towel and swim suit or as a gym bag.
• Easy to maintain: This is a signature Alfie product and very easy to look after. Since it is made of Enamel PVC material you can easily clean it with a wet cloth and washing liquid and air dry.
Just like any Alfie product manufactured in Seoul, this product is a combination of bold, fun and practicality. This is perfect as a gift and also for own use.

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