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Corkboard map or the Wprld

Create a Whole New World with the Corkboard World Map

Are you a free-spirited wanderer who just cannot comply with the rules and boundaries that govern the world? If so, Luckies of London gives you an opportunity to create your own world; at least on your wall! With the new Corkboard map brought to you by the Luckies, you can create your own unique world map. This Corkboard world map will surely be a great way to recall your amazing travel adventures.

Customize Your Map

The Corkboard world map by the Luckies is a unique way to customize your world map. You can stick pictures onto the countries you have travelled or maybe write a fun fact about other countries over them.
Corkboard map as the name suggests, is a corkboard in the shape of the map. However, what is unique about this is that it is not a single piece, rather comes in 16 separate pieces which allows you to create your own map on the wall.

The Corkboard world map has a brown themed background. This colour makes it easier for your pictures and writings to be highlighted.
Why to get the New Corkboard World Map

  • Customisation Feature: The map comes with 16 cork pieces and 16 pins. While the cork pieces can be used to assemble the map on the wall, the 16 pins help you to attach paper or photos onto the map.
  • Pick the right Size: The map is available in various dimensions. This makes it simpler for you to pick the size which will be appropriate for your wall.
  • An Easy Gift: The map could be a perfect gift package for your friend or relative. Gift it to a friend who has just returned from his vacation and let the map tell his story for him.
  • Innovative Way to Learn: You can even get the Corkboard world map for your children so that they have a new and fun way of learning the names of different countries and continents right on their bedroom walls.
  • Affordability: Though, the corkboard map is of superb quality, what makes it even more amazing is its affordable price.

Luckies is known for its unique gifting items that are not only fun and quirky, but also very high on the utility parameter. The Corkboard map is a distinctive way to remind you of your journeys across the globe. Get one today and create your own world.

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