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First Aid Travel Pouch

First Aid Pouch for all your Travels

For all those who love to travel and are always on the move, there is always that little something that’s important and gets left out. Between all that packing and unpacking and the struggle to make space for those souvenirs you wish to buy, a first aid kit is something that doesn’t fit in. If you thought who needs that anyway, you are mistaken. Here’s a First Aid Pouch that comes as two drawstring bags, and fits in well!

A perfect pouch
Now carry your first aid in style with this first-aid pouch. Not only can you use this bag for first aid purpose, but also use it to carry a variety of things from iPods to less important papers or details. IT comes in two different sizes; small one for a weekend getaway and a big pouch for those long business tours.

The pouch is by Luckies of London, a brand that makes affordable designs blending original ideas with functionality. The idea is to design durable products to meet everyday needs and also make for great gifting options.
What makes a First Aid Pouch a must have for any traveller?
• Your coolest companion: It’s time to get rid of those boring and space consuming first aid boxes as you now have this one to accompany you. Its cool design and look is worth the buy. You just need to squeeze it in your bag and it’s so easy to carry.
• Affordable: This is one of the most affordable pouches out there. What makes it more reasonably priced is the material used in its making.
• Material: Made in 100 % polyester, this pouch is built to last.
• Easy to fit in: The dimensions of the big pouch are 30 x 27 cm and the dimensions of the small one are 16.5 x 21cm making it easy to fit in your bag, suitcase, backpack or even your laptop bag.
• First Aid without spills: These pouches make sure your ointments and all the other creams and fluids do not spill with the rest of the clothes. This is one of the best ways to carry your first aid stuff without worrying about the spills.

It’s a product that beats all others, both in terms of designs and money. Gift it to your traveller friends and they will always thank you!

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