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Flight Travel Tags

Flight Luggage Tag – Tag the Bag in Style
Alfie, a design company which specialises in travel related items which are practical and fun has in its collection a number of items which can tickle the fancy of anyone who travels. The company is based in Seoul, Korea and all its products carry its signature style. The newest in the range of these products are the Flight Luggage Tags.

The bold and eye catching design of Alfie products are sure to catch your eye.

The bright coloured luggage tags in the dimension of 22.4 x 11.6 Cm are made from Enamel PVC which is tough and waterproof.
The luggage tag can be attached to the suitcase or baggage handle easily and it stands out because of its bright colour and shape. The tag comes in an array of colours-blue, green, orange, pink, violet and yellow.
Why the tags are so great:
The luggage tags are a nifty little addition to your travel accessories. Tag your bags easily and stylishly so that it can:
• Label Easy: Easily label your luggage with the flight luggage tag so that it can be returned if lost or misplaced. You can write your address and contact number on the inside of the tag.
• Spot Easy: The bright coloured tag makes it easy to spot your luggage in the midst of the carousel and thus lessen your stress and time to locate your luggage.
• Gift it: Luggage tags make for cute gifts especially the ones of Alfie. Brightly coloured and well-structured these can be gifted as a set or as single pieces.
• Love the colours: You can make the luggage your own style statement by adding this accessory to your flight luggage. Select the colour you love and add it to your bag.
• Affordable: While they look adorably cute, they are amazingly affordable too.
A fun little fitment in the shape of an aeroplane is useful and a great little addition to your collection of Alfie Travel Accessories.

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