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Funny handmade gifts for men and women

Funny gifts are always special in the way how they appear and how they are being presented. If you try handmade funny gifts that would be a very awesome idea. Isn’t it? Most of the time, you can’t get your desired funny gifts at the gift shop. Then why searching at the gift shop? You can turn simple things into handmade funny gifts. For this you need some simple ingredients and plans to turn the simplest thing into a funny beautiful gift which is exactly presentable to your friend. Here you will get some ideas about how would you turn a simple thing into funny gifts.
A smiling umbrella: You can present a smiling umbrella to your friend. For this reason, you need to find out a colorful umbrella which is made up with only one color. That can be red, green, blue, yellow or orange. Try to pick a lighter color so that the drawing you make on the umbrella becomes clearly visible. Then take some waterproof colors and draw eyes and a big smiling lip on the umbrella. Thus your funny umbrella is ready to be presented.
A teddy bear holding toilet tissue: For this you need a teddy bear, a roll of toilet tissue and a thick stick. What you have to do is to insert the stick into a toilet tissue roll. Then put strong glue on both faces of the stick and paste it with the two hands of the teddy bear. Thus your gift is ready. The teddy bear becomes a toilet tissue holder.
A butt money bank: This gift would take a little time to make. You need three bowls for this. First bowl can be a plastic bowl from your kitchen. The other two have to be the same size and both would be smaller to the first bowl in size. The small bowls can be very light plastic like you had a gelatin oval shaped box or chocolate box which are bowl shaped. Stick the small bowls together and place side by side. That then takes a butt shape. Take a blade and make the middle portion of the butt a little slice so that a coin can be inserted. Then stick the butt with big bowls. Then cover them with white papers with strong glue. Then take colors in your hand. Give the big bowl a pant drawing. And make the butt portion look like a butt by applying skin color. Then take a blade once again and make a slice In the previous place but this time on paper. Thus the butt bank is ready to be presented.
Juice in blood bag: This is really easy to make. You have to buy a blood bag and clean it away with hot water so that the medicines get washed away. Then put red apple juice in the bag and your gift is ready.
Funny gifts can be handcrafted if you think a little time over it. Making gifts by hand would give you the complete satisfaction.

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