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Funny office gifts to brighten up any desk

Funny Gifts for Office Desk Decoration
Funny gifts are meant to be presented to friends who are your closest one. There is an opportunity to surprise a friend when she/she is going to start any serious work and you congratulate him/her by presenting thematic funny gifts. Suppose one of your closest friend is starting his own new office or just joined a job. You get an opportunity to present him/her some funny gifts related to the office. Here you get some funny gift ideas for new office going friends. The gifts are the set of single funny gifts which are meant to decorate his/ her office desk.
Funny gifts for decorating office desk: Imagine what an office desk must need. It needs a pen holder, note papers, pen, staplers, a telephone set, a mug and a paper weight. You can gift all of these in a very funny texture of gifts. Just you have to make a random search at the gift shops.
A funny desk organizer: Desk organizer holds many things which are important for office desk in one frame. The desk organizer might look like a character sitting on the commode. Here the desk organizer decoration procedure is given for you:
The mouth of the character would hold a pen.
The character must hold a cello tape that might give the flavor that the character is holding a toilet tissue
The flash would hold note papers of different colors.
And now the funny office desk organizer is ready
A brain paper wet: Now the turn comes for the paperweight. The paper weight might take the shape of a human brain. This would really make the table look funny when the papers would be kept under a paper wet that looks like a human brain.
A mouth telephone set: Choose a very bright color for this thing. The telephone set can take a look of a talkative lady who has applied dark red lipstick. The frame would be just two lips. And the receiver would take the look of big tongue which is pink. Office desks are generally colorless. But with this funny gift, you can help your friend placing some colorful important stuff on the office desk.
A butt mug: An office desk must contain a mug for drinking coffee or water. Gift a butt mug to your friend. The mug would be completely skin colored and has rubber material outside. The rubber material is just made with butt shape. Thus the butt mug would be a necessary element of your friend’s office table.
So your friend, who is planning to start his/ her office in near future, don’t wait a minute to surprise him/her with the funniest gifts to decorate the office desk. Thought he/she would not expect this, the funny gifts would make them laugh a lot. Also you might face some beatings by your friend which he/ she would execute to show the artificial anger outside and true love and better feelings inside. This set of funny gift box makes your friend remember about you whenever he/she is busy with the office work. So are you ready to irritate your friend in a very busy time for a long time?

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