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Gifts for the hard to buy for

How do you buy a gift for someone who never knows what they want, never shows what they want or just never seem contented with what they get? It’s almost impossible, or so you think. We have the ultimate collection of unique, out-of-the-box but totally practical, fun and creative gifts that will leave even the pickiest person surprised and satisfied. Here are some of our favourites:
At Christmas:
Foil Lunch Bag – Perfect timing for this gift to load up those Christmas goodies to take away. Our foil lunch bag is made of tear-proof, water-proof insulated Tyvek material to keep your contents hot or cold. Designed to look like the traditional brown paper bag, this lunch bag is playful and functional.
At Graduation:
Smartphone Speaker – Today’s generation loves two things: technology and music. Combine the two for a cool graduation present. Turn your graduate into a mobile Dj with our portable smartphone speaker. It connects to any smartphone and amplifies any selection of music on their smartphone.

For A Birthday
Smartphone Projector – Display a slideshow of embarrassing photos of the birthday celebrant. This cool, easy to assemble, portable projector is designed to reflect movies and other forms of imagery from your smartphone to any available surface/wall seamlessly.

For Valentine’s Day:
You Complete Me Jigsaw Puzzle—The coolest present for Valentine’s Day: a wooden heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle with a customized message on the back. Great way to express love for anyone, family, friend or significant other.

For New Home Owner:
YolkFish Egg Separator: An amazingly cute and practical gadget that separates egg yolks from the whites with one squeeze of a fish. A functional kitchen tool that they will be sure to love, but definitely won’t already have.

For A New Job:
Bianca Hippo Memo Holder – Perfect to get them started on their first day, even the most tedious would delight in this creative memo holder. Great for displaying important tasks, messages and other notes so that they stay organized and on-task at their new job. Designed in the shape of a hippo, Bianca’s back holds blank pieces of paper and her mouth acts as a clip to display important notes.
For Someone Taking A Trip:
Scratch Map – Going on a trip, inspire them to take another one with our popular scratch maps. It is an incredibly gorgeous piece of wall art that serves a functional purpose and is sure to excite even the most difficult of persons. It allows them the fun of highlighting and displaying all the countries that they’ve visited and make travel plans for more visits. Besides its aesthetically pleasing decor function, it is certain to stir up wanderlust in the recipient, so keep your bags packed just in case.
To Say Thank You:
Umbrella Tea Infuser: What’s a more sincere way to say thank you than to share a cup of tea. Our cool tea infuser is designed in the shape of an umbrella for a fun, playful feel. It hooks on to the top of a cup and the umbrella tea leaf pod sits in the cup of water brewing to their liking. Its creative design will definitely be a conversation point, while being functional to please those hard to shop for persons.

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