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Globe map of the world

Scratch Off Globe

Luckies, the company that brought you the popular Scratch Off World Map and Scratch Map Deluxe, have unveiled an exciting new product guaranteed to thrill the Globe Trotter in your life – the Scratch Globe!

The Scratch Globe is similar to the Scratch Map, in that it’s coated in gold foil and features scratch-off details and art. It differs in that it is three dimensional and totally portable, able to be displayed proudly anywhere in your home or office. It is set to become one of Luckies’s most popular items, even more popular than the original Scratch Off World Map!

The Scratch Globe is a great gift for any traveler or person who is interested in geography and culture. It is a gold foil coated map of the world that works the same way as the Scratch Off World Map – simply scratch off the countries you’ve visited or are interested in, to reveal a rich and colorful map with geographical and cultural details underneath.

You can sit the globe on any desk or table to enjoy. It makes a fantastic gift, whether the person in question is simply an art lover, interested in geography, or travels a great deal.

The Scratch Globe includes:

Laminate, colored foil and paper materials
Made in the UK and designed by an award-winning team of artists
Interesting and informative geographical and cultural information
Includes detail on both land and ocean
Comes flat packed, ready to assemble
Portable and ready to set up anywhere

This product is an excellent present for someone who plans to see the world or who already travels. The beautiful foil is artistic and lovely,and once it has been scratched off, the detail and information underneath will captivate and hold interest for years to come.

Why not purchase an affordable and beautiful Scratch Globe today? Don’t be fooled by the imitators – this is the real deal.

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