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The Greatest Gifts Guys Don’t Know that they want…yet!

How do you buy a gift for the guy that has it all? And I don’t mean looks, charm, career, car, smarts…although he has all of those things too. I mean the guy that buys himself whatever he needs whenever he needs it; the guy with no wish list, just a ‘have it’ list. So what can you buy that he won’t put into storage or the trash after you leave? If he already has everything he wants, then you’ve got to buy him something he doesn’t yet know he wants. When you’ve got a gift-worth occasion coming up, consult this list of top items that any guy would surely love, but just never thought of.
Here are our Top Gifts:
KeyPete – Men tend to keep their keys just laying around: in the chair, on the table, best case scenario- in a bowl. Why not help him put his keys in a fixed place, using a cute hanging key holder. Cut-out like a stickman, KeyPete uses ultra-magnets to hold and suspend any bunch of keys in the air until you need them. Functional and makes for a cool visual display.
Fun Party Cups – Just in time for the party, help your guy liven up the party with these fun customize-able party cups. This 12 pack comes with 4 faces and 12 twistable design wraps, allowing his party guests to create up to 48 unique cups. Great for marking and identifying your drinks and even more fun after you’ve have one too many drinks.
ScratchMap – The holidays are a time for togetherness, and a time for travel! Why not get him our bestselling scratch map. It’s fun, it’s functional and it sends the message: Let’s travel the world baby! The scratch map is ideal for stirring up wanderlust in him, or you. Available in different sizes, this scribble-able map of the globe is sure to get him doodling of the countries you’ve visited and get you guys planning the next!

Smartphone Speaker – The holidays aren’t complete without those Yule tide carols playing in the background right? With our portable, conveniently sized but impressive with sound quality, this gadget works with any smartphone to playback and amplify your music to entertain all your holiday guests at Christmas or any time of the year really.

Smartphone Projector – No-one just has a projector lying around their house, although we could all use it. So chances are he won’t have this. Why not turn up the romance by turning his place into a private movie theatre with this nifty and convenient gadget. It’s his birthday, but why can’t you enjoy it too? This simple projector turns any smartphone into a movie projector, reflecting the imagery from your phone onto a wall or screen surface of your choice, wherever you are, whenever you want.
Hi! Voice Recorder – Leave a short little audio love note so that he hears your voice the minute he enters the house, kitchen, bedroom or any other place that you’d like to put this cool modern voice recorder. You can both use this to add a bit of playfulness, mystery and fun to his abode.

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