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Inner Wear & Sock Travel Pouch

Small things become Smaller with Inner & Socks Pouch

Between all that packing and keeping things together before a travel, it’s the little stuff that usually gets lost. For instance, you will suddenly realise that you left an extra pair of inners or socks on the couch or they are somewhere in your luggage and you can’t find them just when you need them. This is what makes this Inner & Socks Pouch a great way to put stuff together.

Perfection in a pouch
Socks and inner wear is probably the first thing you need when you unpack after arriving at your destination. And if you are one of many who end up taking everything out while trying to fetch that piece of inner wear or a pair of socks, you need this pouch badly.
This is designed by Alife, a brand that plays with bright and fun product concepts. Brought to the fore by Luckies of London found them back in 2012 and fell in love with their bold colours. Their products can usually be wiped and cleaned with a wet cloth.
What makes Inner & Socks Pouch a must have?
• Your coolest companion: Don’t have a place to keep that innerwear neatly? You now have this one to accompany you. It’s cool design and look is worth the buy. You just need to squeeze it in your bag and it’s so easy to carry.
• Affordable: Made in 100 % polyester, it is not just affordable, but is also one of the coolest pouches you can find out there. What a wonderful way to carry your innerwear.
• Clean and hygienic: Among other products you definitely want to make sure that your innerwear is kept neat and clean. This pouch will make sure that even if the rest of your stuff gets all ruffled or wet due to rains, you’ll have some essentials nice and dry.
• Dual Usage: While outbound, you can use it to keep your fresh pieces of the innerwear and pairs of socks, on the way back, same can be used to keep your dirty linen and you will not get a nose burn when you open the suitcase.
• Space Saving: The dimensions of the socks pouch are 27 x 30 cm and of innerwear pouch are 30 x 36 cm, and thus, they take very little space in the suitcase or backpack.

It’s a product that beats all other pouches both in terms of designs and utility. Gift it to your traveller friends and they will always thank you!

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