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Jacket gripper bag strap

Jacket Gripper – Grip Your Jacket Tight!
Whenever you are travelling to places where the climate is cool and chilly, you always have to have a jacket handy, but with all the travel procedures at the airport, it gets annoying to keep shifting the jacket from hand to hand. To tackle this problem, Alife has come up with the ultra-modern Jacket Gripper.
By attaching the Jacket Gripper to your handbag or backpack, you can keep your hands free to push your other luggage or handle the documents. The Jacket Gripper can also be used whenever you are commuting in your city. You can wear the jacket when it’s cold or raining, but whenever you feel like removing it, just use the Jacket Gripper to hang it with your handbag.
The Jacket Gripper by Alife is made using Nylon Webbing. Its buckle clasp is made out of durable metal; built to last long. The dimensions of this gripper are 32 x 4.7 cm.

Alife is known for its products which make everyday tasks easier to perform. The Jacket Gripper is one such unique item from the South Korean company. It is brought to you exclusively by the Luckies from where you can purchase it along with other incredible products.

5 Reasons why to get the Jacket Gripper
1. A Simple Hack: The Jacket Gripper is a simple hack using which you can easily carry your jacket around by attaching the gripper to your handbag while keeping your hands free.
2. Easy to Use: The Jacket Gripper is extremely easy to use. Just get it around from one of the straps of your handbag and once your jacket is placed in between its straps, clasp the buckle shut. Just make sure you adjust the size of the belt accordingly so that it holds the jacket tightly.
3. Different Colours: You can pick your favourite colour among many options available.
4. Gift: The Jacket Gripper can be a unique gift for your friends. You can probably gift it to that friend who forgets his jacket wherever he goes! Just a suggestion!
5. Affordability: The Jacket Gripper is an exclusive product which can be bought at a very reasonable price.
A great accessory for a traveller, get a few of them today from the house of Luckies of London.

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