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London, Paris, Rome and beyond with Scratch Map Euro Edition

Scratch Map Europe – Your Perfect Companion in Europe
The Luckies Scratch Map Europe, as the name suggests, is a scratch map of the continent of Europe. This creative product is designed in such a manner that it has two layers; the top layer is scratched to disclose the bright finer details of the bottom layer. The top layer of this map covers Europe in gold foil, and as the traveller visits a place in Europe, the foil is scratched off to give way to the details of the location underneath. The bottom layer is colourful, and full of geographical details about Europe.
As a Gift:
The Scratch Map Europe is a great gift for anyone who dreams of traveling to Europe or is embarking on a trip in the European continent.
It is also a perfect hint to give to your partner or spouse, signifying where you want to go for your next vacation.
This product can also serve well as a gift to your parents, indicating that it is time to retire from work and take a leisurely trip around Europe.
You can also gift it to yourself to keep as a memento of your experience in Europe, after your travels.
A Learning Tool:
This product not only serves as a memento, but also provides you with a fun way to gain knowledge on the continent.
You can gift it to kids and it will surely be a fun way of learning about Europe.
A Record and a Reminder:
The Luckies map will help you maintain a record of all the places you’ve been to in Europe, and will also act as a reminder of the places you’re yet to visit.
The product, prepared in UK, is made of laminate, card, coloured foil, and paper.
The scratch map Europe has dimensions of cs 80 x 60cm, making it the right fit. It’s neither too small nor too big.
Luckies of London was started in 2005 by Jim Cox with an endeavour to provide people with affordable and unique gifting options. In 2009, Luckies came up with the Scratch Maps. Over the years since then, its raging popularity motivated Luckies to come up with newer versions of this map and Scratch Map Europe is one of the variants.

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