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Luggage strap for suitcase

Tag the Bag with an Alfie Luggage Belt
Standing at the baggage claim and trying to grab your suitcase is a very tiresome task. You are tired from your travels and just want to get your bag and go. How many times has it been that you have reached for a bag, but realized at the last moment that it is not yours.

The attractive baggage belts are not only cute to look at but also very useful. These can hold your bags together and also act as an identifying factor.

The material of the luggage belt is made from nylon netting and also PVC and metal clips. The product is strong and durable and so attractive.
You can select any color and make your luggage stand out in the crowd. The dimension of the product when not stretched is 6.9×20 centimeters.

Travel can be Fun and Stress free too

• Keep the suitcase together: How many times have you shopped a lot and found it difficult to close the suitcase. This luggage belt keeps the bag properly closed and slightly bound, allowing your things to stay inside where they should.
• Mark the bag: It is so difficult to identify your bag sometimes when it comes round in the carousel. There are so many bags around that look very similar. The way out of this is the Tag. Just wrap the tag around your bag in your favorite color and voila!
• Stretchy: The belt is so stretchy that it can fit around a suitcase of about 76 x 30 centimeters without breaking apart.
• Clean easy: You can easily clean the tag with a wet cloth and washing liquid.
Easy to clean and maintain and also easy to use, this Alfie product is meant to make travel less stressful and also a bit of fun. Make it a style statement and stand out of the crowd with the colorful luggage belt. White, it’s a must have for you, get few for your traveler friends as well and see how they appreciate your thoughtful gift.

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