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Luggage Porter – Now Carry your Luggage Effortlessly
Whenever you are returning from a holiday destination, you will always have extra bags with you and then of course, there is the duty free section. How would you carry so many bags at the same time without having to make a mess? Get the Luggage Porter, a brilliant new product that will surely be liked by travellers for its effective use.

You can easily connect two different bags using this Luggage Porter and carry them effortlessly as you approach the boarding gate.

The Luggage Porter by Alife is made from Nylon Webbing. Its clasp is made out of plastic. They have dimensions of 30.5 cm x 46 cm.

Shopped a lot at the duty free section? No problem, use the Luggage Porter to connect your handbags together and carry them wherever you move.
The Luggage Porter is an innovative design by Alife, a South Korean company which makes products to make everyday tasks simple. You can avail the product at Luckies, which is known to be the best place to shop for such unique yet high utility items.
5 Reasons to get the Alife Luggage Porter
1. Easy Luggage Handling: You don’t have to worry about carrying multiple bags when you have the Luggage Porter. Just attach your bags using this and you will be set.
2. Superior Quality: Alife products are made using Enamel PVC so you won’t have to worry about the Luggage Porter of not being of good quality. They are built to last.
3. Choose your Colours: The Luggage Porters are available in red, pink, orange, green, yellow, sky blue, grey and black. You can pick the colour which suits your luggage and your personality or pick a few for different occasions.
4. Simple Usage: The Luggage Porters are extremely simple to put on and remove. Once the buckle is clasped, it will not open, unless you choose to do so.
5. Affordability: While they are high on utility and look uber cool, you will be surprised to know how affordable they are.
A perfect gift for any traveller, pick one or a few from the Luckies store in London or through their official website.

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