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Map of the World with countries

Of the 196 countries in the World Taiwan is the only one not officially recognized as a country by the US. Even so, 196 well worth visiting places on the World Map to discover. How you discover it, is up to you with the personalized interactive world scratch off where you have been map.

Be Unique like Brunei in Borneo with it’s nine mountain peaks and forest reserves for hiking and adventures. Try the Ivory Coast for dense rain forest and white beaches, or the stunning Andorra in the breath taking Pyrenees for excellent cuisine, culture and hiking.

Map of the World with countries in immense detail

Map out your own must see countries and don’t just see it, feel it and do it with the most spectacular and surreal places on the planet with the help of your World map of countries you want to visit, plan your trip and then scratch off the gold foil to reveal a colorful array of your life’s travels.

Highly detailed world map that you can personalize

Walk on clouds across the largest salt lake in Bolivia, shine like a sea of stars on Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives, be mystified by the Tianzi mountains in China where Avatar was filmed, paint a picture of the bright red and purple passage ways of the Antelope passage in Arizona, all very beautiful must see countries special places, off the grid, but on your map as you planned and will remember. It;s a colorful World.
If you’re looking for a Map of the World with Countries click here to view one of the world’s most popular travel maps.

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