Adventure Travel Journal

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Whether you have planned an adventure or wish to embark on one this Adventure Travel Journal will become your most trusted companion. There is so much our world has to offer but perhaps if you are looking for more than just a holiday, you could do with some help discovering all that is available. After all there is a big world out there and it contains so many wonderful and unique experiences, how on earth does one chose?

The Adventure Travel Journal can become your invaluable aid in such matters. It is a beautifully designed journal, black and gold, presented in a folder which can be taken with your wherever you go. However it is so much more than that. The journal, contains sixty-four pages which features ‘must-do’ experiences around the globe, so it offers you ideas and also space for you to then record your own travels. It also has eight ‘scratchable’ maps, whereby you will scratch off each experience after undertaking them.

There are four main categories for you to plan your experiences. Nature, culture, active it and cuisine. Not for the ordinary holidaymaker this is so much more than a holiday diary. It will inspire and excite your mind as you come up with ideas for your next adventure. With over three hundred ideas to choose from, planning your upcoming trips will be an absolute joy.

Use the Adventure Travel Journal to create your very own travel bucket list and then record each adventure as you experience them. Whether you want to climb mountains, swim with sharks, eat the most unusual of cuisine's or chasing history, you will be able to do that and so much more.

There is definitely an inspirational aspect to this which will unlock your travel desires and help you to make them a reality.

A unique concept which is an absolute must for any discerning adventurer, leaving a legacy for you and for future generations.


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