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A slightly more localized addition to the Scratch Map family the Europe map is great for anyone who loves to travel around the European continent. Based on the same principle of the other Scratch Maps by Luckies this is a great way to get to know the wonderful continent that is Europe.

Europe Travel MapThe Scratch Map was invented by Luckies of London in 2009. It is simply a map of the world with a foil overlay so you can scratch off the places you visit. Simply take a coin and you can personality your map to reflect your travels creating a permanent visual memory to hang on the wall.

Also for anyone visiting or travelling in Europe whether for a prolonged visit or even for a holiday, it is a helpful tool to plan their trip as well. The Scratch Maps have many purposes, as well as a visual travel journal they are perfect for using when you are planning your trip. They also serve as a permanent reminder of wherever you have been.

The Scratch Map Europe is a fantastic product for anyone who lives, works or visits Europe. If someone is going to tour and explore the continent or visit different cities on city breaks this product is a true winner.


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