Scratch Map of the World

Product Description

The Scratch Map Original Edition is a world map poster that features a highly detailed geographic design with a unique overlaid gold foil surface. The map itself is beautifully presented with the stunning metallic gold foil giving the map an antique, contemporary appearance., perfect for any wall at home or at work.

Spanning an impressive 32 inches in width (82.5 CM) the map features a faint grid reference and the world in all of it’s glory. Other features include travel trivia at the footer of the map, scale indicator, National Capitals, Cities, lakes and more.

The map itself has the countries subtly marked out with states lines in the USA and Australia too. The idea behind the map is to scratch off the foil just like a scratch card. As you scratch off the top gold foil layer a new, colorful world begins to appear in beautiful detail. The idea is to scratch off where you’ve been, creating a unique travel record making this the ultimate personalized world map poster. To scratch off the foil simply use a coin or an eraser with gentle strokes to remove the foil without damaging the map itself.

Scratching off the foil can be used to create a personalized travel record, it can also be used to create a visual travel itinerary of places you would love to visit, a bucket travel list.

The quality of this map is exceptional, manufactured to an extremely high standard with a matte finish complemented with scratchable gold foil with a detailed map of the world beneath. It also comes in a sturdy tube allowing you to store safely or take on any trip with damaging the map.

The map can easily be displayed on any wall however looks fanatic in it’s own frame, click here for more details…
Show your friends and family how well traveled you are with the world’s most unique ‘scratch off where you’ve been map’.

World travel map overview

  • Beautiful colonial timeless design
  • Generously sized 82.5 in width and 59.4 in height
  • Scratchable foil coating
  • Highly detailed colorful map of the world
  • Personalized travel record
  • Comes with strong tube for storage
  • Easily scratch off the foil lightly with a coin or an eraser

The history of the world travel map

The story behind this ingenious map goes back to 2009 when it was in development. The idea was to give travellers a way to create a visual travel record of where they’ve travelled as well as a way to plan for future trips. This is most definitely a map with a difference, something for a lifetime that you can look back on many years later. The best thing about the Scratch Map is that it never gets old, and can always be removed from a frame, scratched and put back to its display.

The Scratch Map range doesn’t stop there, over the past few years this unique travel map has grown due to it’s incredible popularity and now has other editions of which include:


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