Scratch Map Travel Deluxe

Product Description

If you are embarking on your travels or looking for a gift for someone who is, then your search is over. Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is an essential product for any stylish traveler embarking on their travels.

If you are unfamiliar with the Scratch Map concept, it is as it sounds. Invented by Luckies of London in 2009 It is beautiful map of the world with a foil overlay so you can scratch off the places you visit.

Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is smaller, neater, and fits easily into any backpack or item of hand- luggage so you record your travels as you go. It won’t take up too much room but is robustly packaged so it won’t damage easily.

But as it is the luxury version of the scratch map it is finished in luxury finish matt black paper so needs to be treated differently – Luckies recommend using an eraser or fingernail to scratch off the destinations to avoid damage.

Such a great alternative to a travel journal, this is a must have for anyone who is about to embark on an overseas trip.


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