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Personalized Scratch Off Map of the World

Scratch Map Original – Relive Every Memory!
For all those times you sat back late at work and quenched every bit of strength left within you, a little break may come across useful! Having thought of a vacation, consider buying a map to take you around. A scratch map may perhaps come across handy. For all those wondering how this could possibly differ from a usual map, scratch map has an amazing additional feature. It is covered with a foil layer on top which can be scratched off and once you do that, it reveals information about that place or region.
Why Should you Buy Scratch Maps:
You get to scratch off regions you intend visiting or have visited; the choice is yours really.
Beneath the layer of the foil lies handy information of the region. This should keep you updated with its characteristics or facts.
The map is beautifully enveloped in a matt finish case to keep away from a possible damage.
It is durable and does not wear off easily
Comes along with info graphics at the bottom of the map
Each map is perfectly processed & designed before it goes out to the customer.
Manufactured, designed and conceptualized in UK, by Luckies of London.
Some Important Features:
Having run through the above, you may also want to understand the core materials used for the map. Below are its features:
Paper, laminate and foil are the three core ingredients used for its production.
With dimensions of 81.9 x 58.2 cm which make it a perfect poster for your wall.
The gold foiled map should ideally be scratched off with an eraser or a coin, avoid using sharp objects at all costs. It would only damage the surface.
A Thoughtful Gift
In addition, if not as a travel map, be sure of gifting it to a loved one or a friend. This could sure make their day, especially if they intend traveling around the globe sometime soon. These maps are extremely affordable considering the fact that they come along with excellent quality and last quite long.
Even though memories formed over smart phones, digital cameras and other sophisticated equipments help live a thousand memories, this map sure works as a beautiful favor that could readily take one down memory lane!

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