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Personalized Scratch off USA Map

Scratch Maps USA – Scratch Your Way Through the US of A!

This ingenious product, the Scratch Map USA is, as the name suggests, a map with details of the geography and places in the United States of America. However, at first glance all you see is the top foil layer that is designed such that it looks like the flag of the United States. As you visit a place in the country and scratch that area off, the stars and stripes of the flag give way to a bright and colorful geographical map beneath.

An Ideal Gift:

  • If traveling all over the States has always been a dream for someone you know, the Luckies Scratch Map USA is the perfect option for a gift.
  • The map can be a birthday gift to passionate travelers, or even to someone you know who is aspiring to travel places.
  • Maybe you can gift the Luckies map to your better half giving him or her, a hint of where you want to go for your next vacation.


This product acts as a means to keep a record of the places visited, and is also a constant reminder of all the places the owner is yet to go to. When the owner of the map has achieved the goal of visiting all the states in America, and the map is completely scratched off, he is left with a vibrant and detailed map of the United States as a memento of all the owner has experienced during his or her travels. Better than maintaining a journal, this way the owner has a pictorial representation of all his memories.


  • The Scratch Map USA is made of laminate, colored foil, and paper.
  • It is just the right size, at 33.5 x 23.6cm.
  • At the bottom, it has a section where you can list down your top 5 Cities and keep it as a memory.
  • Planning a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco? Forget the GPS and just mark your route on the map, and get going.

Price Matters:

Luckies understands their shoppers concerns about affordability, and thus ensures that products are within a buyable range.

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