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Protect your credit cards on holiday with card wallet

Card Wallet Plus Is Not Regular Wallet Or Card Holder

A Wallet and the Card Holder

A gift that can serve some good purpose is the gift that stays for long, as a memory and more. Card wallet plus is the wallet and the card holder and a much-more holder too. It serves the purpose well and fits into the pocket easily so you don’t have to face any trouble in carrying it around with you. It is a perfect way to hold your cards without bending them and also a way to keep them clean. You might have not faced this situation but dirty cards can be troublesome at times when you insert them in an ATM machine.

The Shape and Features

Another great thing about this card wallet plus is that it is available in various colors, sober, decent and vibrant ones. They are equally functional for men and women both. Of course, it couldn’t come without girls’ favorite color pink and men’s favorite black. Considering its price, you could buy all the colors to kill the monotony of routine. Your debit cards, credit cards, insurance cards, health cards and even the business cards, can all go in it because it is made to accommodate a lot of them without losing its original shape.

Card wallet plus has been designed to be functional so you can use it for storing and keeping a lot of things other than just your cards. Whatever paperwork you think necessary and carry with you at all times can be accommodated in this little gadget. It is made from PVC so you don’t have to be afraid if it’s raining outside. Don’t worry about the color it won’t lose them that easily. It serves as an excellent gift for those who travel a lot but doesn’t lose its charm even if you want to use it on a day to day basis.


The wallet has been made intelligently to accommodate cards, papers, receipts, money and other stuff at the same time. It opens like a book i.e. one fold, and on both sides you have the space to dock your cards. The top of the wallet is just like a wallet where you can insert money or other small papers of importance i.e. receipts, bills, invoices etc. The size of this wallet is 10 x 7.1cm, which is enough to accommodate everything without crumpling your money, twisting your papers and bending your important debit and credit cards.

Card wallet plus is a functional gift but it is still available at fairly low price so if you have been wandering around to get an affordable gift, this might be the right thing. After all, it is hard to imagine a person today who will not need a wallet to hold money and bank cards. You can always take thing up a notch by buying a few of these in different colors and giving them to your loved one so he/she can match it with the dressing and mood. Besides black and pink the wallet is available in several other colors: yellow, blue, red, orange and green.

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