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Protective Passport Wallet

Flight Passport Cover – An Identity for Your ID
Your passport goes through a lot; all the travelling and going through immigration checks and getting stamped. You need to protect it so that the most important travel document, your ID does not get scratched or spilled on.

Coming from the house of Alfie, the brightly coloured passport covers are sure to brighten up your documents folder.
The covers are made of Enamel PVC and are 10.3 x 13.7 centimetres in size.
There are twelve different colours to choose from; black, blue, green, mustard, olive, orange, pale grey, pink, red, terracotta, violet and yellow. There is a colour for everyone.

Why should you buy the Passport Cover?
• Protection for your document: The waterproof material of the cover will protect the passport from scratches, spillage and unwanted damage. Also the corners and cover of your own passport are protected as well.
• Style statement: The passport office cannot send you a passport in your favourite colour, but you can buy one for yourself. Just cover your passport with any of the fun coloured covers. Showcase your favourite colour and make a bold statement of style. The wide array of colours will surely have one of your favourites.
• Easy to spot: The bright covers make it easy to spot your passport in the midst of all the other travel documents, thus relieving a little bit of the stress associated with travel.
• Even More: There are pockets inside the cover for other important things like your driving license or credit cards.
Alfie is known for their smart, but simple designs and their products are known for their practical application as well. The products are very useful, but make a very bold style statement for everyone to see. It is a great gift item as well for your friend and family and for anyone who travels and needs to keep their passport safe.

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