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Push pins Cork Board Map or the World

Cork Board Map – Seeing The World Your Way

Don’t you get bored looking at those old green and blue and pink maps they create of the world on the glossy papers? After all, what’s so fancy about attaching them to your wall and definitely they don’t qualify as a gift. If you want to give a gift and all you can think of is a map of the world, you are definitely looking for the cork board map. Yes, this is the new way of having a map at home and relishing it as it boasts its boastfulness on the wall – definitely an item that could be gifted too.
Design and Functions
As the name suggests, this map is made from cork but there is something special about this cork board map. The special thing about it is that it sticks to the wall so you don’t necessarily have to take out a drilling machine and nails to hang it on the wall. Just find a suitable place for it, attach it to the wall and have fun. But wait, what’s so fun about sticking a map made of cork on the wall? Isn’t it just like sticking those old and conventional looking world maps to the wall? Well, this is where it gets interesting.
Use of Push Pins
If you buy this gift item it will come with the push pins that will help you attach a lot of stuff on this map. Now you are definitely getting closer to the idea of having a map made of cork. Yes, you can attach different items to the map but those items must have some attachment and association to the region where you are going to attach them. So if you went to some country and you still have the tickets with you, just attach them on that country on the map.
You can also attach your memorable pictures you took in different countries of the world to the map to create a whole story of your travels on it. So think about: if you went to Paris and took a picture with the Eiffel Tower, just attach it on the map with the help of a push pin and there you go. Now you must have got the idea of the cork board map and who is it best for. Yes, if you have any friend or friends who love traveling, this gift is made for them. Give it to them and they will love it.
A Great Gift
There are many other travel gifts for the traveling people but no gift comes closer to this one. This is the one they keep at home and continue to decorate it with the pictures of different countries of the world and other memorabilia. Make sure that on this cork board map you have one of your pictures somewhere too so to make sure that your friend doesn’t forget you. It is an excellent, exciting and unique travel gift and doesn’t even cost you a lot. You can go ahead and buy one for one of your friends right now.

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