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Quirky Gifts as Gifts for Employees

In the office we normally expect all kinds of serious work to be continually going on, the bosses being all strict with workers and giving projects with a stiff face, employees typing away on their computers like a robot while a small bunch always are doing more talking than work. This all feels normal since people have to be productive to improve the company earnings, but we are people, not robots. Typically nobody works their best when they are all bored and doing the work only for the sake of money, one way to reduce this in the office is to gift the employees as recognition of their good work or simply as the devotion of the company to the well being of the employees.
The only problem is that if a regular gift is given the employee simply keeps expecting more and more after every big feat, which is expensive, so the solution is to give something that shows appreciation, but does not come with the greed. Quirky gifts are hence the answer, it sends the message that they are valued workers, but does not provide any such benefit to them that they would want more of it. Examples of such quirky gifts can be simple office equipment they use, say a stapler, computer monitor, pens and pencil, cup coaster; these all sound sort of annoying gifts, but to a properly dedicated worker, all those things with a little bit of quirky twist will be nice funny gesture. It would ease the relation between boss and employee and if all the workers keep getting things like that, it would actually liven up the whole office atmosphere, something that a lot of companies are trying to achieve. Now for the actual stuff one can gift to the employees, there is quite a lot to choose from, it can be anything from a calendar, mouse pad, card or a nice notebook, all of these of course with a nice quirky theme; only downside is that this sort of thing cannot be found readily in most shops so some custom things have to be made. On the bright side though if you are into a bit of humorous creativity the whole process could turn out to be sort of fun, if not, perhaps find a fellow worker who is and willing to keep a secret, or perhaps a relative who is interested?
Overall giving quirky presents to the employees is a terrific idea as an almost non-financial method of motivating any worker. Maybe if the whole thing starts to get popular among the workers why not hold sort of an annual event where the employees who do a particularly good work in certain categories are appreciated in front of their peers and given a nice little quirky gift? If successful there can be tremendous rise in office productivity and make for a very lively office atmosphere. Today as companies all over the world are trying to be more friendly to their workers, according to recent studies a happy worker would do better work than one under pressure, this could potentially be the new great idea!

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