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Record your travels in France

Scratch Map France – Visit France with your Trusted Companion
Luckies of London started in 2005 and came up with the first ever Scratch Map in 2009. Since then, Luckies has been innovating and keep coming up with different variants of this map. The newest Luckies Scratch Map is one of France. As the name suggests, it is a map with details of the geography and places in the rich cultural nation of France.
This creative product is designed in such a manner that it has two layers; the top layer is scratched to disclose the bright finer details of the bottom layer. The top layer of this map covers France in gold foil, and as the traveller visits a place in France, the foil is scratched off to give way to the details of the location underneath. The bottom layer is colorful, and full of geographical details about France.
Some Important Features
The product is made in UK and laminate, coloured foil, and paper have been used in its production.
The dimensions of the product are 81.9 x 58.2 cm, making it a great wall poster.
The bottom of the map has various infographics about France.
The Luckies Scratch Map France is a product that acts as a means to keep a record of the places visited.
The map is also a constant reminder of all the places the owner is yet to go to.
The product also acts as a keepsake, a treasured account of the many experiences you’ve had in France.
Planning a trip from Bordeaux to Paris? Just mark your route on the map and hit the road.
List down your top 5 places in France. You will love it, when you look at it a few years later.
It is a great travel souvenir and some thing you can use to go down the memory lane with your fellow traveler a few years after your memorable trip.
The Ideal Gift:
This Scratch Map is a great gift for anyone who dreams of traveling to France or is about to go to France.
Planning a honeymoon with your better half? What better place than Paris. Gift him or her this and plan your honeymoon together.
Visiting France to your friends or relatives? Gift them this map and they will surely like the thought behind it.
Before everything, don’t forget to gift this product to yourself and scratch your way to France!

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