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Record your travels with Scratch Map USA Travel Edition

Scratch Map USA Travel – A Companion across USA
The Travel Map USA is a scratch map with details of the geography and places in the United States of America. This map is a perfect component for your travel essentials because it is small enough to travel the States with you. The top foil layer of the map is designed such that it looks like the flag of the United States. With this product, you no longer have to wait till you return from your trip, to scratch places off. As and when you visit a place in the country and scratch that area off, the stars and stripes of the flag gives way to a bright and colorful geographical map beneath.
The Luckies Travel Map USA is a product that acts as a means to keep a record of the places visited.
The map is also a constant reminder of all the places the owner is yet to go to.
Once the map is completely scratched off, you are left with a vibrant and detailed map of the United States as a memento of all the owner has experienced during his or her travels.
Turn around the map and it has some additional features. You can mark your route and plan your road trip or just list down 5 cities you liked the most.
The map is a miniature version of Scratch Maps USA and therefore, this travel friendly product can join the traveler in his journey across the country.
The map comes in a protective tube so that damage to the product is prevented. Along with this, the tube ensures that the map can be rolled up to reduce the amount of space it takes in the luggage.
Materials and Size:
The material used to make this Luckies product is laminate, colored foil, and paper.
The dimensions of your travel companion are 16.5 x 12cm, which makes it a great travel companion without taking too much space in your rucksack or suitcase.
A Great Gift
Know a friend who is going for a trip to the USA? Gift him or her Scratch Map Travel USA, and wish bon voyage in style. This is one gift that will fit any occasion. The best part is that it’s inexpensive and will not make a dent on your pocket too.

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