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Round suitcase luggage tags

Round Luggage Tag – A Round Bright Tag for Your not so Round Bag

Round and round goes the world and for those of you who like to or have to travel anytime by flight, it always helps to tag our luggage. Alfie is known for its fun travel accessories which are attractive yet simple in design. Make way for the Round Luggage tags by this Korean company.
The brightly coloured round tags for airline luggage look very cute and are a practical thing to have.

The round tags are 19 x 9 Cm and are made from Enamel PVC material.
This round tag comes in a wide variety of bright colours like blue, green , mustard, mustard and olive, orange, pale grey, pink and also red, terracotta, violet and yellow.
Since the tag goes through a lot along with the luggage, it is important to clean it from time to time. It is easy to clean your tag-just use a wet cloth and washing up liquid and wipe it off.
Why should you get that tag?
• Round and cute: The tag looks so cute and fun dangling from the suitcase or luggage. The bright colours and the aeroplane logo all are part of the appeal. Take your pick from amongst a range of colourful tags. It will help you to spot your bag in the middle of a row of bags.
• Label the bag: Write your name and address on the round bag tag and just attach it to the suitcase handle. In case your bag gets misplaced and someone decides to return it, they have your address on the tag.
• Affordable: The tags are very affordable and fun to have. It is also fun to gift your friends or to yourself to brighten up your travel.
The round bag tag is a great accessory to attach to your bag. The stunning and fun design of the tags makes it stand out in the crowd of luggage in the carousel. As a result, baggage claim takes less time and you can be out of the airport sooner.

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