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Scratch Map for the avid traveler

Scratch Map Travel – For a Traveler
So you are not one of those people who like to pen down a travelogue and record written experiences of a travel? Well, worry not, as with this travel edition scratch map, travelling will be all the more fun and happening. This edition is a mini-version of the original scratch map from Luckies of London.
Travelling the Classic, Old Way- With Travel Maps
There was a time when printed maps were the thing. With the advent of technology, this trend started wearing off. But isn’t it great to go back to some basics, own something that is different from the crowd? That’ll surely make you feel unique.
Scratch Map Travel – A possession that has an old world charm of its own? Apparently this was the thought Luckies wanted to propagate when they invented the concept of Scratch maps in the year 2009.
A Treasure for Life
A scratch map could also be something you can treasure for generations to come and show-off in your elderly years. Show off the places you have travelled to, on this travel map to your friends, family and others.
Once you have travelled to the place you aimed of on the map, you can scratch it right off, and a different color underneath gives it a different appeal, making it much visible and reminding you of an extraordinary experience you had when you were there.
It is a perfect gift for your traveler friend/relative or anyone who wants to travel.
Stay Unique, Travel with a Map
Take travelling to the next level. Forget GPS and other technology and add a little fun to your travel.
With dimensions of 42 x 29.7 cm, it is designed especially for travelers so that it can fit perfectly into your suitcase.
Has a colored foil, laminated paper map with fine scratch design
Go Luckies!
Luckies of London invented this product in 2009 and ever since, they have gained a lot of popularity. In fact, so much so, that there have been various companies trying to imitate this product. Nothing comes close to the original versions though.
If you do not want to embarrass yourself by gifting someone a cheap, unreliable and low quality product, simply go Luckies!

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