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Scratch Map collection

Luckies of London, started in 2005 by Jim Cox is known for coming out with innovative and affordable gifting options. One of the products that have been loved by them has been the Scratch Maps, since they came out in 2009. In fact, it was loved so much that Luckies since then, have come up with various versions of these amazing maps. Let’s look at these amazing products.
7 Variants of Scratch Maps:
Make travelling a more enjoyable experience with the Luckies scratch maps.
Scratch Map Original: This product features a scratch map of the world, designed such that the top layer is made of gold foil paper. The point of this map is that once you visit a place anywhere in the world, you can scratch the top layer off to give way to a colorful and detailed map of the place.
Scratch Map Deluxe: This product has a classy look; a copper foil printed with matt finish on black paper. The deluxe map is the Luckies most detailed map because it has the additional feature of info graphics along the bottom that disclose fascinating information about various geographical facts.
Travelogue Travel Journal: Presented in a folder is a journal as well as 8 miniature scratch maps for the purpose of documenting and keeping a record of one’s journey, on the go.
Scratch Map Travel: This map is a mini version of the Scratch Map Original, made so that the traveler can scratch off places one by one, as he visits them. It is compact, yet detailed.
Scratch Map Travel Deluxe: A mini version of the Scratch Map Deluxe, this map is the perfect companion for a traveler. Not only can one scratch off places on the go, but these maps also provide a number of facts about places that inspire a traveler to visit the most interesting location.
Gourmet Scratch Map: This map is tailor made for the ultimate foodie. This map has the various speciality food items of places on a matt finish that can be scratched off as the traveler eats his way around the globe.
Scratch Map UK & Ireland: With this map, you can scratch off the silver foil top layer of all the places you’ve visited in the UK, giving way to details about each place that you’ve been to.

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