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Scratch Map Deluxe the ideal gift

Scratch Map Travel Deluxe

Our Scratch Map products are insanely popular, and it’s due to excessive demand that we’ve created yet another fantastic member of the Scratch Map family – the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe.

The Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is a fantastic miniature version of the original Scratch Off World Map. It has the same beautiful finish, luxurious artwork and interesting facts and information about exotic locales. It has the same easy scratch-off foil and incredible detail. It’s just in miniature! The Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is all the beautiful, classy, fun, just able to travel. You can fit it in a backpack and take it wherever you go, ready to scratch off that next location.

Luckies has been designing fantastic and fun Scratch Maps since 2009 and there is a reason that they continue to be one of the most popular gift ideas. Often imitated but never duplicated, the Scratch Map is the best of fun and education all in one.

The Scratch Map Travel Deluxe has a gorgeous matte finish paper that gives it a truly unique and special touch. It’s delicate, though, so be sure to scratch off your locations with a fingernail or eraser and nothing harsher, so you don’t damage the map. While different from the glossy finish of the original, the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is a striking, unique looking counterpart.

As with all our great Scratch Map products, the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe boasts:

-Laminate, colored foil paper
-Beautiful matte finish
-High quality materials
-Richly detailed artwork and facts about land and oceans
-Designed by a team of award-winning artists and designers
-Able to be carried anywhere
-Easy scratch off
-Affordable and makes a great gift

Whether the person in your life is a seasoned traveler or just someone who dreams of exotic locals, the Scratch Map Travel Deluxe is a great gift. They’ll spend endless hours enjoying the beautiful art and fascinating anecdotes about various locations. They’ll thank you for the perfect gift they can enjoy for years to come.

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