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Scratch Map Deluxe as the perfect gift

Scratch Map Deluxe – A Quality gift, Just for You
A stylish gift makes for a great souvenir that can be preserved for life. If you are thinking about gifting a unique gift to your friend, colleague or relative, Scratch Map Deluxe is just the answer for you. Very similar to the original Scratch Maps, the deluxe version has many valuable additions in it.
A Fascinating product in itself
Uniqueness is what makes a gift special. How fascinating would it be that you have a map, that you can scratch off the area you have been to without even the worry of spoiling its look.
Do not worry as the premium quality copper foil printed on top will be easy to scratch and the high-quality matt finish paper beneath will ensure there are no scratch marks.
The infographics at the bottom and the details beneath the copper foil layer will reveal some very interesting information about various places on the map.

Yes, scratch maps are sure fascinating as they are a concept that is completely new. We have brought to you this range in order to avail you another option to check out the gifts.
Unleashing a new range in gifts
You have to agree, Scratch Maps are surely a new addition to the gifting range and quite different from what you normally find in a gifting store, which is what makes it unique. What makes it a good gift?
Gift it to an aspiring traveler: Ask him or her to scratch the place he or she has visited or wants to visit.
Gift to a mother: She can use it to educate her kids on geography in a fun and interesting way.
A perfect gift for Couples: A fun way to go down the memory lane by scratching the places you both have been together and then talking about your most memorable incident there.
House Warming or Office Décor: Dimensions of 82.5 X 59.4 cm make it a perfect item to be hanged or pasted on the wall to add visual appeal.

Now with this range of scratch maps, your friends / loved ones will be impressed by you and with your choice of gift.
Get the real deal only!
You would never want to be known as a person with cheap taste, who does not know how to differentiate between quality and non-quality products. Make a mark as the friend who gifts some of the best, most impersonating and unique gifts to their friends by getting your friends a scratch map that is the real deal. It is, and always will be recommended to you to buy original products only. After all, quality matters as it not just stays longer, but is worth the value too.

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