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Scratch Map Deluxe the ultimate gift for the globetrotter

Scratch Map Deluxe: A Travel Souvenir
Thinking of gifting something and just can’t decide? If yes, let Luckies of London come to your rescue with their stylish Scratch Map Deluxe. A map for a gift! You must be thinking. Well, this is no ordinary map. It is a map that has golden foil layer, which can be scratched off.
What’s the big deal in that?
When you scratch off the top layer, what reveals underneath is even more beautiful. It shows information and facts about the particular place you scratch. The concept is to inspire people to travel by gifting them this Map and then they can scratch places they have visited.
Here’s why Scratch Map Deluxe is the token of love:
Unlike other kinds, this map is favored with a foil covering and a black paper. What this means is that, each time she decides to travel some place, she could easily scratch off a particular region over the map. In doing so, make sure to use an eraser. A metal object would damage its matt finish.
Beautifully wrapped in a tube, it would survive a possible jerk or fall.
Quality is prioritized at all stages, right from its design, and production to its manufacture. Luckies uses the best manufacturing practices to manufacture this stylish product.
Even while you consider this investment, make sure to look through the following:
Materials use include: Paper, foil and laminate
It is originally produced in UK. There might be duplicate available in the market, but when you are buying someone a gift; you would not want to risk the quality, would you?
Its dimensions work around 82.5 x 59.4cm, which make it a perfect wall piece too.

Alongside, the map comes along with the following characteristics:

Portable and light
Durable enough
Vibrant and informative
Foldable & works as a great travel favor

Either way, make sure to look through its delivery details and its costs. Having tallied with its benefits, you could be sure of a beautiful purchase. Alongside, know that Luckies of London works to produce original copies and do not deal with fake versions. Quality is what they prioritize all through even if it comes down to something as simple as a scratch map.

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