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Scratch Map of France overview

As a connoisseur of culture, France is one of the countries that has the most of offer. The food, wine, art, and artistic lifestyle makes it the perfect location for the bon vivant.

For the Francophile or the first time visitor to this glorious European country, the Deluxe Scratch Map France is the perfect for you. The noted Scratch Map Range provides a personalised record of your travels, whereby you scratch off the places you have visited giving you a beautiful and incredibly personal visual travel journey. It looks opulent and can graciously adorn any wall of your home with pride.

As France is synonymous with glamour, it is only fitting that the Scratch Map France reflects this. With the class we expect from Paris and Nice, as well as the darling french countryside, this Scratch Map is both lavish and exclusive.

Is you are a gastronomist, an aficionado of wine, a social connoisseur, or a culture enthusiast this is for you. All the text is given in French, naturellement.

Please note that the matt finish needs to be treated differently to the gloss of the other Scratch Maps, use a fingernail or an eraser to scratch off the places visited, as metal can damage the beautiful matt finish.

Scratch Map France, is a must have to both record your French travels and also to inspire your next visits. Whether learning about the wine regions, following the great masters, or exploring

French cities, this Scratch Map makes such a wonderful gift or a must-have to purchase for yourself. Whatever your individual travel story there is no better way of telling it than the Scratch Map France.

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