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Scratch Map Travel Edition for a trip of a lifetime

Scratch Map Travel Edition

If you’re a fan of the original Scratch Off World Map, you’ll love the adorable and compact Scratch Map Travel Edition. This is a mini version of the beautiful, popular map everyone knows and loves. It’s the perfect present for someone on the go.

Luckies came up with the mini version of the Scratch Map after satisfied customers began asking for a Scratch Map they could take with them on their adventures. Scratch Map Travel Edition is as elaborately decorated and informative as the original, but small enough to carry in a suitcase. Scratch off as you go and carry the fun with you.

Scratch Map Travel Edition works just the same as the original Scratch Off World Map. As you travel to various locales, scratch each one off the map to unveil beautiful, one of a kind artwork and incredible facts and information. It’s perfect for someone who has traveled the world, or simply wants to! It really is the perfect gift.

Scratch Map is often imitated, but you won’t find the award-winning quality or informative detail anywhere else. We’re the original and best.

The Scratch Map Travel Edition:

-Is made with quality laminate, gold foil and paper
-Was designed by an award-winning team of artists
-Designed to look gorgeous, scratch perfectly and help the user learn about various countries and oceans
-Compact and easy to carry – will fit in a suitcase
-Affordable and worth every penny

Grab a Scratch Map Travel Edition today and see why it has been one of the most popular gift ideas since 2009. Luckies has created the best mini-version of this great product just for the globetrotter in your life. Don’t be fooled by the imitations – get the authentic, original Scratch Map, Scratch Globe or Scratch Map Travel Edition today and enjoy this fun, interactive and educational gift for years to come.

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