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Scratch Map the ultimate travel essential

Do you like to travel around the globe or aspire to travel? If so, there is a perfect product designed by Luckies of London for you – Scratch Map. This map is very different from the regular maps and has a purpose, and an amazing appeal to itself. Let’s find out more about this marvelous product from the Luckies stable.
Scratch maps are Unique
You must be wondering how?
Apparently this one of its kind map allows you to check out or cross out the places you have been to and plan to go to in different shades of colors.
Interesting enough? If not, there is more. Scratch products are new to the market concept. But maps make for an interesting scratch off product that has an appeal of its own.
It doesn’t wear off easily and is very handy to maintain too.
What makes it Special?
Made from best quality matte finish paper to give best visual appeal.
The top gold foil layer can be scratched off easily without leaving any scratches on the map.
Dimensions of 81.9 X 58.2 cm make it a good wall piece.
It comes packed in a high-quality matte finish tube making it a very presentable gift.
Scratch off the places you’ve been to
It is as simple as that. You just have to scratch off the places you have been to and once you scratch the gold foil layer off, need not worry as it does not harm your map’s looks, rather gives it an edgier appeal by giving it a different pattern at the place you scratched off, on the map.
Make for a unique gift
It’s always a hard choice, looking for that perfect gift for your loved one. But this time, with Scratch Maps, you can make it easy and get them something they can treasure for life and always look back at it with glory and memories.
So treasure those memories you had together and let them remember you whenever they look at their scratch map. Be the friend who gets them that special gift or be the owner of this unique scratch map from Luckies London.

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