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Scratch off Globe Map

Scratch globe – The Perfect Gift for an Explorer

“The world is my playground and I like to keep playing” – If you too believe in this line, you are most probably someone who does not believe in boundaries and you mostly love travelling. If you are a wanderer and love travelling, you would love this new product from Luckies of London; Scratch Globe. No! It’s not a regular globe. Inspired from original Scratch Map from the house of Luckies, this globe comes with a special scratch feature.

What makes it Unique?

Scratch globe like scratch maps available at the Luckies London comes with a golden covering that can be scratched off. Yes, travellers can keep a record of the continents and countries they have visited by scratching off the outer layer of the globe. Underneath the outer layer lays a detailed map of the country with its geographical features.

Why a traveller would simply love this product?

  • An Inspirational Gift: Scratch Globe is one perfect gift that motivates the explorer to pack his bags right away without thinking about the past or the future. Scratch globe is an all-time favourite gift that can be gifted to both men and women on any special occasion.
  • Easy on the pocket: Well, picking up gifts for someone special is not an easy task, but with this scratch globe, there is no chance to go wrong. These are not very heavy on the pockets too. Scratch globe looks unique and can also double up as a mantel piece.
  • Easy to carry: Scratch Globe is certainly easy to carry. This globe is not made of plastic or metal that is round and consumes a lot of space. Luckies London presents to you this unique scratch globe that is made of laminated boards of 20 x 20 x 20cm dimensions with coloured foil covering.
  • Packaging: Scratch globe comes packed in a box and can be dismantled and assembled as per convenience. The globe comes in a secured packaging to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged during the transit.
  • Long life: Scratch globe is assembled from laminate boards that ensure that it doesn’t get spoiled with water and temperature changes. This is one gift that can hold a special position on office tables or showcase racks.
    Gift this scratch globe to loved ones and let them record their travel by scraping the places they have visited.

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