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Scratch Off Globe Map

Scratch Globe – Don’t Just Travel the Globe, Scratch it!
Is it a map? Is it a 3D globe? Is it scratch-able? Apparently, yes it is. This is one Globe that you won’t be able to keep your hands off from. Designed by the Luckies of London, Globe is a 3D Map of the World. Basically a globe that has a scratch-able world map printed over it. It has a top foil layer that can be scratched off easily and once you scratch it off, it reveals important facts and information about that place.
Gold foil coated scratch globe from the UK
Some special features of this product are:
Made up of premium matt finish, laminated colored foil coat that is easy to scratch off.
This scratching off features basically allows the travelers to scratch off the portion of the world they have been to and have crossed off their wish list.
It comes flat packed and is easy to assemble once you unwrap it and assemble it to form the shape of a globe, that has an uber cool world map printed over it.
It has a pretty decent dimension of 20 x 20 x 20 cm

Scratches are beautiful now!
If we scratch off a product, it gives it a rugged look, making it look worn out and old also unappealing. Sometimes those scratches are even harder to fix. But with this awesome range of scratch globe, scratching off coats of foil is fun.
When you scratch off a geographical area off this globe, it doesn’t make it look in bad shape, but actually gives it a unique appeal, unveiling a new pattern and design underneath. Amazing, right?
A Globe is a Great Gift
Scratch Globe for your Desk – Beautify your office / work desk with a scratch globe printed with gold foil and add class to your desk.
Reminder – This globe will be a reminder for you to plan, go and visit those places around the globe that had always been on your wish list or as a screen saver on your PCs.
Globes are always considered a great gift, especially for those friends of yours who dig geography or are enthusiastic about travelling and more.

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