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Scratch off the World Deluxe Map

Scratch Max Deluxe – The Scratch Map Gets Even Better.

If you’re one of the many fans of the original Scratch Off World Map, you’ll be thrilled to hear about its new, more stylish cousin – the Scratch Max Deluxe.

The Scratch Max Deluxe is the same artistic, interactive map you’ve come to know and love, but with some fancier features that are guaranteed to bring hours of fun and learning to the world traveler in your life.

Our Scratch Maps have become extremely popular around the world for a reason, and now you can enjoy the new and improved version.

Some of the new features the Scratch Max Deluxe contains:

Comes with a high quality matte finish tube
Top notch materials – laminate, colored foil and paper
Made in the UK by an award winning team of top designers and artists
Fascinating infographics and breathtaking artwork, including detailed information about land and oceans
Beautiful finish and easy scratch off foil

The original Scratch Map was created by Luckies in 2009 and since then, it has become one of the most popular gift items in the UK and beyond. Several million Scratch Maps have been sold so far, and the Scratch Map Deluxe is guaranteed to be even more popular.

Scratch Maps are created by the best producers and designers with quality processes and materials, so you’ll rest assured that the product you’re buying will last for years to come with the very best integrity.

As with any award-winning product on the market, there are imitators out there, but don’t be fooled. Only the original Scratch Map and Scratch Map Deluxe are worth it!

Buy one for the jet-setting loved one in your life today.

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