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Scratch off with World Map Original

The Scratch Off World Map Makes a Great Gift!

Luckies of London has created the person in your life that loves to travel the world – the Scratch Off World Map. It is a fantastic, thoughtful present for any art-lover or world traveler and will become a treasured part of their home that they can enjoy for years to come.

Not only is the Scratch Off World Map a beautiful work of art, lovingly designed and created, but it is an interactive, fun learning device as well. Every time someone sits down to scratch off a country they’ve visited, they’ll be able to learn facts and history from the country in question. It’s a truly unique gift!

Details about the Scratch Off World Map:

Features a top layer of gold foil.
Once a country has been visited, the user scratches the foil off that country, and a unique, artistic layer is revealed, showing beautiful design and interesting facts about that locale.
As you visit more and more locations, you’ll scratch off much of the foil and show vibrant artwork underneath.
The Scratch Maps are designed to scratch off easily, and is made with only the best materials. They are made to last.
Lovingly created by our team of manufacturers and artists for the best possible product.

It won’t surprise you that there are imitations on the market, but the Scratch Off World Map is the original and the only one worth buying. Here’s Why:

The Scratch Map is designed to scratch off easily and reveal the most beautiful detail underneath without ever compromising the integrity of the map.
Other, cheaper versions may tear, show wear, or not last as long.
Cheaper versions don’t scratch as easily, making them look cheap or hard to see/read.
An award-winning team of designers and artists created our product. Believe us, you’ll be able to tell the difference!

Scratch Maps are beautiful, functional, and of excellent quality. Thrill your loved one with a thoughtful, perfect gift that will last a life time – the Scratch Off World Map.

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