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Scratch off where you’ve been map Deluxe Edition

Scratch Map Deluxe: Carry the World with you in Style

Heading for a vacation? Then begin your explorations with a Scratch map deluxe! More stylised and schematic than its predecessor, this new exclusive collection of travel maps from Luckies, London, brings vibrancy, colour and oomph to the world around you.
Your Perfect Travel Companion
With your Scratch Map deluxe, you can never tell where the road will take you. It doesn’t matter where you end up; be it at a Parisian bistro or at the Italian Riviera, you will never get lost with this easily accessible map in your backpack!

Unique Features of the Scratch Map Deluxe

  • Easy to Carry: Dimensions of 82.5 × 59.4 cm make it a perfect fit for your rucksack and it looks great on a wall too.
  • Premium Finish: Scrapeable copper foil printed on laminated black matt finish paper gives it a premium look.
  • Informative: Appealing and colourful infographics displayed at the bottom encompassing a wide range of interesting facts about the land and oceans
  • Sturdy: It comes in an excellent high quality matte finished packaging tube, which makes it a traveller’s best friend.

Colour me a Destination!

With its innovative scratch feature, the scratch map deluxe gives you the option of making a personalized color-coded travel record by scratching off the foil print. Here is a unique map that can make your travels fun and your conquests hard to miss!

Why choose Luckies Scratch Map Deluxe?
With a wide array of scratch maps inundating the market, what makes Luckies scratch map deluxe better than the alternatives? Here are 3 reasons why:
• Original Makers: Scratch map concept was invented by the Luckies of London. So why go for an imitation when you can have the best and the original at an affordable price?
• Premium Quality: All of Luckies scratch maps are made by the best designers using the finest processes and products available.
• Unique Design Aesthetic: While certain imitation scratch maps come close to the original work, they can never outmatch the love, integrity, passion and innovation that goes into the construction of the luckies scratch map.
The quality and the effort expended to design and produce these incredible maps truly make them worth every penny you spend. So go online to the Luckies official website and buy an original Scratch map deluxe today.

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