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Scratch off where you’ve been map France

Explore the Exotic France with Scratch Map France

France is the land of beauty and wine. The country has always captured the fascination of travelers from around the world with its marvelous architecture, delicious food and graceful lifestyle. So, if you are a travel enthusiast and love to explore all things beautiful, France should be on top of your bucket list

To explore the country to its every beautiful detail you’ll need a map. And when it comes to a country as stylish as France, no ordinary map will do. You’ll need a map as chic as France itself.

One of the newest additions in the Scratch Map family by Lucas of London, the Scratch Map France presents a detailed map of the country on black matt finished paper. The map itself is covered with a golden upper foil. Once you visit a place in the country, you can simply scratch off the upper layer of that part and reveal intricate details underneath.

The map comes in a stylish tube that can keep it safe as you travel the country. While you can definitely buy this gorgeous map for yourself to record your French adventures, you can also gift it to your ‘mad about France’ friend.

Here are some interesting points that make the Scratch map France a must have item for you:

  • Records your Journey: This map lets you record your footprints on the beautiful country. You can hang it in your study or use it as a poster in your office to remember the great French adventures.
  • Motivates you for the next Destination: It not only records your journeys, but also motivates you for the next destination to plan for. And when it comes to a country like France, there’s always something new to explore.
  • Detailed information in French: When you are travelling to France, you do it in the French style. The intricate details on the map come in the sophisticated French language. Can it get any more chic?

With all these features to offer, the Scratch Map France comes at a very affordable price. So, now you have another reason to smile too.

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